SQ Week 10? 11? What is time?

Last but not least, we made pop up books! You never know what you’ll do with your creativity in design school. Here’s to a challenging first year in which my energies were pushed to the limit but I learned a hell of a lot more than I ever thought possible.  I really love this program and can’t wait for next year, though I’m looking forward to a break.

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SQ Week 10: “Creating Tomorrow”

Megan, Mariah, Cameron and I are working on a Seattle Central Creative Academy rebrand project. Our tagline is “Creating Tomorrow.” We’re using bold CMYK colors and focusing on folks who are looking to gain tangible skills to start a new career and jump into Seattle’s creative industry.


We also wanted to humanize our program by integrating little peeks SCCA lifestyle into our campaign. We built an Instagram with daily lifestyle pics. We also did a “We Love Our Teachers” campaign. This started with a photoshoot of some of our profs in which we asked them a range of questions, from “if you had a magical power what would it be?” to “how do you like your eggs?” We concluded each interview with the question “What is your favorite thing about your job?” Using our photos and footage (shot by the talented Cameron Munn) Mariah created a 30-second video showcasing each teacher’s answer to the question “if you were a mythical creature what would you be?” I built the GIFs below using our interview shots which Megan then integrated into our website alongside the interviews so that the gifs played on mouse hover. Check them out!

SQ Week 9: More Packaging!

This week we’re wrapping up our Skye Cannabis Skincare rebrand in Robynne Raye’s branding and packaging class.  I was inspired by some of the boutique designs I saw at the Sugarpill Apothecary on Capitol Hill and wanted to create something that appealed to 25-45 year old feminine-leaning peeps looking to treat themselves or bring home a Washingtonian Cannabis souvenir. I developed a lip balm, skin salve and bath/body oil. More pics to come – shoutout to Shirley for the product hotography!

Skye Cannabis Skincare Rebrand
Skye Cannabis Skincare Rebrand

SQ Week 8: More Type!

For the last several weeks, we’ve been working on a six page magazine layout for Jill’s Typography II class. I have really enjoyed working on this assignment, though I have also found it extremely challenging. I feel that I have a good sense for color, texture, and illustration. But when it comes to micro-typography, alignments and spacing, I often find myself frozen with indecision.


This assignment called for us to design three spreads for a six-page article with strong integration of text and photography. The article I chose was about Upcycling, and I chose to target DIY-ers as a demographic: home bloggers, crafters, thrifters – a demographic which skews feminine. I wanted bright colors, fabrics, textures, and a bright aesthetic which would leave the reader excited to get started on their next project.


So, as you might expect, I began my work on this project by spending hours on an illustration concept, and avoided dealing with the typography at all.

walking lady

In her introduction to opening spreads, Jill taught us about the use of an intuitive grid – that is, mirroring/mimicking the shapes of your imagery with your typography. Then, using themes from the layout of your opening spread to carry through to the rest of your article. I started playing with textures, colors and strong verticals.


Opening Spread
Opening Spread

As the weeks went on, we learned about baseline grids, which proved to be extremely useful.Wynn_Barnard_Upcycling_Grid_Page_2


Jill also warned us that often when a design concept starts out strong, students will fall off by the third page and lose the aesthetic of their original layouts. I tried to avoid this, and I think that for the most part I was successful. Wynn_Barnard_Upcycling_Page_3Wynn_Barnard_Upcycling_Grid_Page_3

Those large vertical lines you see spanning the width of the spread are from our lesson on manuscript grids. Part of this assignment was also to design an advertisement. Jill taught us about medieval Manuscript design as well as the golden section, both of which use geometry to divide up the space on a page in an aesthetically pleasing way.


The feedback I received on my design was that while the colors and textures were working well, the type needed to have a stronger relationship with the imagery. Looking at it again after Jill’s critique and feedback, I wish I had used a single column for the type rather than trying to spread so little body copy across two columns.  However, I am happy with the overall feeling of the design.

SQ Week 7: Zot-Fan

Another New Media project due already?  For the last few weeks, Caitlin Willhoite, Alex Hewitt and I have been working together to create a promotional video for Zot-Fan. Zot-Fan is a fake product (a pair of sunglass-goggles). I haven’t acted since high school, so that was fun. More importantly, I got to

Click Here to view our video.

SQ Week 6: Surrealism!

For Jason’s class, we’ve been working on designing a surrealist poster: taking a photograph and building an image that makes us “question reality.” My original concept was to create something that integrated x-rays, a human skeleton, and plant life. However, finding an image of a human figure that was large enough (the poster was to be 14.5″ tall and photos needed to be 300 ppi) on google images was extremely challenging. Three weeks into the project, I realized I needed to start over, because my main photograph wasn’t high res. This was actually probably a good thing, because I was getting myself into some murky Photoshop waters. I found a friend to model, shot in Camera RAW and narrowed my design. The concept was that my model was opening her body to reveal flora growing inside, and that tattoos of plant life on her skin would be growing into real plants.Wynn_Barnard_Poster

SQ Week 5: Gum branding

This week, we started a new project in our branding and packaging class. We are doing a re-brand of PUR gum, an all-natural, aspartame-free gum. Each student was assigned a different health demographic that their gum would target. We are tasked with designing three different packages for three different gum flavors. My health issue was PMS and menstrual cramps. I decided I wanted to create a gender-neutral design that would use minimal packaging, herbal ingredients, recycled paper and soy-based inks. Additionally, the gum will be made of mastik, which is biodegradable.

This was my initial design
This was my initial design

SQ Week 4: Believe Project

This week, another major project was also due. For the last four weeks, I have been working with Clarita, Vaughn and Susan on the Believe Project. This is a promotional project for the Seattle Central Foundation Scholarship, intended to showcase the achievements of first generation college students. We interviewed my friend Futsum who was a graduate of the Seattle Central Videography program. Futsum is now a successful videographer who works heavily in the Seattle music industry, particularly Seattle hip hop. The only tricky part of showcasing his story was that the videography program no longer exists at Central. So we had some debates: should we delicately ignore this fact, or own it and make the video into a statement about funding education and cutting programs? In the end, we took the softer route, and made the video mostly about Futsum’s story and the power of education.

I struggled with this project because the interview was with someone I know and whose story and successes I really wanted to celebrate. But given the limitations and objectives of the assignment, we had to cut so much content from the interview that I felt we didn’t really paint a picture of him that had much depth. However I did feel like I learned some valuable lessons about how to conduct an interview, video editing, and storytelling. In the end, I’m happy with the result, though I’d like to keep the footage and expand it into a larger project in the future.

Click Here to see our final video and the landing page Vaughn built for our project.

SQ Week 3: Wine Labels Due!

This week our wine labels are due. I decided to go a completely different direction and built a  “Natural Patterns” series based on patterns found in the seeds of a sunflower and the rings in a slice of Ponderosa Pine. I chose to use bottles with the same shape and to highlight my illustration in the design. I’m pleased with the result, as well as with the typography on the back label.


SQ Week 2: Back to UX

This week we did our first presentation for our Interactive/ User Experience Class. Our assignment centers around app design. We have been tasked with researching a particular fitness regimen or nutrition plan and designing an app that will help users engage with their plan on a day-to-day basis, while also facilitating e-visits with their primary care provider (PCP).

Our group wasn’t interested in using BMI as our primary metric for success. We decided that the user base we wanted to target were users who were intimidated by exercise and didn’t fit into traditional gym culture. Further, our user base would be motivated by health concerns including blood pressure, diabetes, or mood disorders more so than losing weight or building muscle for cosmetic reasons.

We did general research on aerobic exercise including running and muscle-strengthening exercise, as well as the importance of social motivators and goal-setting.

Screen shot of our presentation on aerobic exercise
Screen shot of our presentation on aerobic exercise