OMG there is too much to do today for me .. will all week. Monday I have a Apparel Design Shoot. Im helping my friend with her final Fashion line shoot. Plus I’m in the middle on a big huge Production shoot. And I am still editing my videos for tomorrow class and for new media! Tuesday I have my video due and i like it so far. Wednesday is photoshop class and we will be getting ready to thursday BIG shoot  Right now all i need is good rest and snapchat. i am keeping myself busy which is the best! Right now all I am thinking is about camp which is bad because I should be focusing on school.

CLASSI love these people and love how far we came to almost to the end of our first year! It sad to think of that we only have a week of school!

I have learned and grown as a person through this program. Now its time for me to go and do my work now.

Port Townsend …

This trip was learning and amazing.13177371_1186523928046920_8690793090167334916_n

This picture explains everything. I had the chance to be around the most thoughtful and creative future talented photographers. I went to Eastern Washington for the first time. The place was beautiful and sunny. I had the chance to assist Bethany at her home town and her family were super nice. I love her mother and hope to see her in the future again! I would either be assisting or shooting a BTS (Behind the Scene) videos/pictures.

My next trip would be finally arriving to Port Townsend where most of my classmates are already there. Galen joined in and he would be videotaping for the BTS as I would be still assisting Bethany. We had the chance to be with the sheep…OMG the sheep were cutie and adorable. I had the chance to see everybody at the bonfire and drink beer. I made a goal to assist people i haven’t assisted before and it came true. I helped Brenden, Jessica and Joy with there shoots. Two photographers like to shoot still photography/food photography (Brenden/Jessica). Joy is working on her project involving working women. I had the chance to be a model with Saayeh. Sayer was super helpful and it was amazing to see her again. (I missed her).

MAY 5:

It was time to PARTY! Most of the second years were done with there shoots. You should of seen their place. However NO details on the party because a lot happen and whatever happened their must stay there (Unless you were at the party!)

I will truly remember this trip forever and the people i met!


Expert Online Training …

Before every summer new members and returners do an online training. To become a great leaders and learn the responsibilities to work at a summer camp. It was a great exercise for me and best way to learn how to take notes.

Being surrounded with kids for about 3 months is amazing, difficult and learning. On week days I would be teaching and supervising plus i would get 2 hour break in-between. I could either rest and catch up on my sleep or start doing evaluations on my campers. On weekends I would have a mini adventures with my staff members and try to catch up on my sleep.

Expert Online Training is super helpful and meaningful to do the training and I would relearn from my past!


You should try!

New Spring Quarter 2016 …

I can’t believe that this is my last quarter as a FIRST YEAR. I learned so much and there is still more to be thought. This Spring Quarter I have new teachers and still the same classmates. However the sad new is that ill be missing one of my closest friends and my computer buddy. She will be missed! I remember when i first saw her after the break. I made sure that I had a picture of her with me. We laughed and she looked relaxed which was amazing and yet still sad.

I am kinda nervous this quarter because it will go by fast and I’m not ready for that. I am ready for some challenges and ready to have some FUN!

Messing Around on Set …

OMG! So for video class we had to make an experimental film (basically a different sounds and clips of videos into one) SADLEY the video i wanted to to show couldn’t because of premier break down. I was in the middle of my editing and it froze up and wouldn’t stop.

So in class i was just putting things together so I can get some credits for the assignment. Little did i know that the break down kinda helped me to this video. I already recorded the voices together so i was proud on that! I had three sections. One was my classmates laughing. Second was my classmates like to say “UMM” and third just random quotes they have said throughout this WINTER quarter!

Please Enjoy!


Empty Bottles trailer …

I joined a new group and they are pretty cool. I never worked with Sarah before and super excited to. It was awesome of her to drive us to Jakes friends house. Speaking of Jake, I really wanted to work with him and now I get to. We are filming on his Monologue that is about a drunken Veteran comes home. Soon get to find out his kid with a gun. I am also working with Annette agin. I worked with her before in Faith class. It feels like a full circle to be working with her again!

Please enjoy this trailer I made and edit.



Neil New Media Group …

First time seeing this commercial made me tear up. I like the lighting throughout this video. The melody  How it made it sad and gloomy. Made it more sad and having an old man in it look sad. I love the part where you don’t see the family t’ll toward the end. How the video gets fast in the beginning and the end. When the family gets the call everything starts moving slow.

The Egyptian …


In many ways, the Egyptian Theater and the changes it has experienced over the years tells the story of Seattle, itself. Opened in 1915 as a Masonic temple, the symbols set in stained glass and beautifully maintained Egyptian-style painted ceilings are a testament to the care with which its various owners throughout the years have preserved its unique qualities. Over the years, the theater had been a hub for independent and foreign films, in addition to reviving obscure gems and cult classics in their Midnight Movie showing every weekend. In its hay-day, it was the home of the Seattle International Film Festival, and many films were even test screened at the Egyptian for months before national release to gauge whether or not they would be successful with an audience as unconventional as Seattle’s. The Egyptian was truly connected with the heartbeat of the city. For the people who worked there, it created an eclectic family of artists, burlesque dancers, musicians, and even one magician- “the Egyptians”; for its neighborhood in the Pike/Pine area of Capitol Hill, it was one of the classic staples of the city’s authentic character; and for its patrons, it was a connection to that part of Seattle which is so essential to its identity, and yet unfortunately being lost at every turn.


When Steve C. began working for the Egyptian, in 1990, the independently owned theater had only recently been acquired by Landmark Theaters. Back then, the atmosphere was more relaxed and free, a constant party for the whole gang with beer and cocaine stocked in the managersoffice. When Landmark was acquired by Mark Cuban, there was a shift in that atmosphere- there were definitely still parties, but the new management didn’t exactly know about them. Still, the district manager knew better than to make things too corporate- which would cause the majority of the employees, who loved these small theaters precisely for their unique and free styles, to simply quit. However, as many things continued to change during the new millennium at the Egyptian, as with the rest of the city, much of the family disbanded, leaving one by one onto something new.  Then, finally, when Landmark gave up the Egyptian, the theater closed its doors indefinitely and the last of “the Egyptians” were scattered. Many of them are still in the neighborhood, though, working at some of the other characteristically Seattle establishments on Capitol Hill, or just reuniting at grunge shows in the area now and again.


When SIFF began fundraising only months later to take over the lease, decades of memories and a continued appreciation for the Egyptian’s contribution to the city brought forth the support needed from the community and SIFF made a record for both the largest amount raised and in the shortest period of time, withtens of thousands being donated over the original goal of $300,000 in just three months. In the eyes of “the Egyptians,” SIFF’s involvement may be yet another sign of things becoming just that much more corporate, as is the way many things have evolved in Capitol Hill over the years, but some feel that at least their involvement has allowed the Egyptian to live on.