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Over the course of the quarter, I have further confirmed the value of putting concept forward as part of my brand proposition.  At Take it or Leave it, a portfolio review-let with SCCA Alumni, I presented a collection of logos, as part of a suite of “random” pieces to include. I received a positive response from these, and was told to keep them in, but received helpful critique to improve them.

I suppose logos are not particularly random for a designer, but some are for businesses that exist, some are for school projects, and some are for fantasy companies. The reasoning behind including these is that logos synthesize a host of ideas into one image — they must do a lot of lifting for a small item.

Here are some of the logos I would like to include. The colors are terrible.

logos for presentaton q61 logos for presentaton q62 logos for presentaton q63 logos for presentaton q64 logos for presentaton q65 logos for presentaton q66 logos for presentaton q67 logos for presentaton q68

UGG, the colors!


In other news, I am working on several new ads. Looking over the ads I’ve done so far, I realized they are largely for an analog world. I need to fill the digital divide! To that end I am working on an ad for Amazon, and one for Oculus. The the slogan for Amazon is “Ready for Prime Time”. This campaign would be for Echo/Alexa integration with Prime Video and possibly FireStick. The Oculus ads have several options, but I want to keep them under wraps for the moment.

Looking at the advertising for virtual reality, I see massive room for improvement. The challenges of VR advertising are a) the form factor, which makes people looks ridiculous, b) the quality of images — VR is still not up to the level of fidelity of HD screens. However the experience is so immersive and convincing the lower fidelity is not as much of an issue in game. c) The value proposition. people wonder Is VR worth it? why should I be an early adopter? Is it really that much better than traditional gaming systems? In fact, the game library is much smaller. They are also working out things like VR sickness. If I do it right, I would like to offer new approaches that make the case for VR. This is ironic because I am not entirely convinced yet either. Maybe in the process I’ll convert.




getting there…

Hard Scrabble

I have been wrestling with my “NOE(  )” Scrabble ad for far too long.  The first iteration was too cluttered. I had put objects around the page because I didn’t want it to look underdone, but in the process it just looked… bad. I wanted the letter tiles to stand out. I liked the minimal look, but how minimal? I tried putting the letters on a scrabble grid that faded out from the center. I tried old giving it the look of old paper — speaking to the family tradition of holiday games. I considered a coffee stain in the shape of a wreath. Tacky!

Well, at last I believe I have come up with a solution that it minimal, but vibrant, references more of the Scrabble board, and nods to lovers of the game, while looking slightly modern. it allows the tiles and word=play to remain the focus.

Bergstein-Scrabble-Campaign 1 Bergstein-Scrabble-Campaign 2 Bergstein-Scrabble-Campaign 3

Ooh. The colors are a bit off. You get the idea though. For this campaign. I also added two new slogans, as well as a tag line to connect them.

Rinse Repeat

After almost two years, this incredible — and incredibly stressful experiment is coming to a close.  I am happy to report that the experience has improved from first year. In fact it has exceeded my expectations. Then again, it’s been hard to hold the magnifier to the work I’ve done. But that’s what this quarter is all about.

For Special Topics I am revisiting many of the graphics I have made over the last months. The goal is to tighten or expand on the random explorations that give a glimpse of my thought process. When I have shown some of the pieces I am going to dial in, I have gotten a largely positive response. I hope that I can show a unique perspective and flexibility of tinkling. Thinking too.

Another goal I have set for myself is to use this time to finish my magazine, USER.  I would like to send it to Blurb with enough time to troubleshoot. If I have time, I would also like to re-visit the website for USER. However, I am leaning away from dev work, and am questioning the value of time spent wrestling with code.

Existential Putt-Putt

One of my great loves in life is miniature golf. Nothing beats a garish pirate shipwreck, replete with fake waterfalls and mechanical parrots.  Perhaps miniature golf is a metaphor for the adventure of life – full  of twists ad turns, ups and downs. It’s a fun meander through various stages.

But sometimes life is short and unfair,  just like these holes.



mean holes


Part of the idea of this experiment is to come up with a fantasy studio to which I can attribute my potpourri of images, etc.

At the moment this seems like the best contender.


perspective logo


The choice was between perspective and periscope… Here are some runners up:perpsective runners up


Why Deny

Continuing with the thinking about how to engage on certain issues. Unfortunately, economics are so often a driving factor for policy change over basic human compassion, or even rationality.

why deny info 1


why deny info 2



Cart Before the Horse

Question: Is it possible (as a business model) to start with a perfect name and design a product or service around that name?


Would it work?

I don’t know, but it eliminates the question “Now what do we call it?”

Here is a website that should exist:

Lookpool logo

It’s descriptive (sort of, or something) and typing it is such a pleasure!

look pool

Or how about this one?


our tour logo

Chosen for its its repetition and symmetry OurTour could be an app that “Bring Bands and Fans Together”.

By the way, both of these URLs are available.


seed logo

This one is taken already. It’s not clever or punny, but the shortness allows for the use of friendly simple shapes.

Trying to Understand

Like so many, I find myself addicted to watching the national train wreck that is the Trump presidency. Every day I expect to read the words “Trump Impeached” – and yet.  It’s a bit like watching a hard hit baseball careening over the outfield. It may be a grand slam! Or maybe we’re witnessing the end of American Democracy.

Either way, it’s worth tying to understand, any way we can.

trump colors

Side note: These colors are derived from a color corrected photo to ensure the highest level of accuracy. It’s with noting the striking similarity of tone between Trumps tan and Crayola’s “flesh” color. Could it be that simple?! Kindergarten Nietzsche. SAD!


monopoly bomb


Hopefully not, but at the rate things are going we may get a big new war, courtesy of you know who. In that case, there is likely to be a resurgence of anti-war movements and we will need some good acronyms. Here’s one I’ve been playing with. Who wouldn’t want to say I’m part of AWSM?