VIVO, spring cleaning!



Our final project for packaging was to choose from 3 topics and create a line of three packages with one having to utilize a dieline. I chose VIVO cleaning products. My three products are: all-purpose spray cleanser, antibacterial wipes and hand towels. All natural stuff. My dieline was the packaging for the hand towels.


Urban Gardening mailer, desktop page layout, iPhone layout


Our final project for Typography was to chose from 3 provided topics and create an 11×17 folded mailer, a landing page and an additional format “Events” page. I chose Urban Gardening- a fictional onsite “class” sponsored by Molbak’s featuring information about how to garden in small urban spaces. A significant part of the assignment was to use a modular grid. Additionally we were to use provided text and logo. Our demographic was to be 40-65 year olds. Page one is above- this is the address page for the mailer. I made an illustration of vining grapes that carried over to the other panel. The rest of the mailer, the desktop landing page and mock-up of iphone are below:

back address front
first open reader spread
second open; inside full reader spread with modular grid
iphone layout of Molbak’s fictional “Events” page
desktop landing page of Molbak’s fictional “Events” listing


Oh the things you can find in the “Drafts” drawer….

Carol Bolt- Design student- Fall 2015

Ariana Buck- Photography student -Fall 2015
Ariana grew up in Bellevue Washington. She has also traveled quite a bit, in particular, Europe and in more particular, Italy. She expresses gratitude for having family in Italy. She also expresses appreciation for the good food she has enjoyed overseas. How good it is , she says, to have a ripe tomato from a small grocery store in Italy. She has spent her traveling time with friends, as well as family. Her experience in Bellevue was that it felt like coming home she would return to Bellevue from a trip, but she was also always ready for another adventure.

Speaking of family, she comes from a family of creatives. Her father and mother both work for the Seattle Opera. Her mother works as an art director and her father as the master carpenter. Ariana says that the arts are “in her blood”. And she means literally in her DNA, even her grandparents are creatives. It is no mistake that she is in this line of work.

She has chosen photography and was influenced to make it her concentration for two specific reasons; one is because as much as she might want to draw, she doesn’t have the patience to sit and concentrate in that sort of way. The second reason is that she experiences the world as an “observer”. So, she feels that photography is a good fit for how her mind works and how she processes her world. Photography provides a structure of building and putting things together that she finds interesting and appealing. That said, she has learned how to draw eyebrows and eyes really well in her challenging herself to learn how to draw!

Visiting Disneyland in Paris was her most interesting traveling memory. Although that was colored by the fact she was sick while traveling, she made the best of it. To the best of her recollection, Mickey Mouse is still Micky Mouse in Paris with the possible of inclusion of the formality of “Monsieur”.

Her bucket list contains these things:


Greece, specifically Crete

Being an American in Italy ( she has family there), possibly as an intern?

Learning how to be a better drawer


For Typography we took our first stab at magazine layout and an ad- I liked it. I liked it alot. I’m looking forward to more of it.

I chose the Polaris Slingshot and the Apple watch for my subject focus. My demographic is car geeks- male/female, doesn’t matter. They just love cars, everything cars. They like knowing about cars, they like talking about cars. They are also middle-of-road spenders; they aren’t looking to spend $$$$, they pride themselves in finding deals and looking sharp in the find- max=$-$$. They find satisfaction in being at a social gathering and being able to say:
” Did you know about the car that’s a motorcycle?”
“Lemme tell you about you can trick it out with a turbo and a roof.”

Car and Driver and Popular Mechanics magazines were my research focus. I included the actual patent drawings of the vehicle, a few splashy macho images as well as images that speak to the nerdy 1/0s of the car’s details.

Project2_magazine Project2_magazine2 Project2_magazine3


The presentation for the fictional product “JoyZumity”- stay tuned for the upload of the video!

joyZumity_Sands_Castellow_Bolt_presentation 2_Page_1 joyZumity_Sands_Castellow_Bolt_presentation 2_Page_2 joyZumity_Sands_Castellow_Bolt_presentation 2_Page_3 joyZumity_Sands_Castellow_Bolt_presentation 2_Page_5 joyZumity_Sands_Castellow_Bolt_presentation 2_Page_6 joyZumity_Sands_Castellow_Bolt_presentation 2_Page_7 joyZumity_Sands_Castellow_Bolt_presentation 2_Page_8

packaging design-spring 2016-wine labels

Here are my results of a student project for this spring’s packaging design class. Our instructor #Robynne Raye  assigned  each of us a winemaker/vintner and the demographic of 25-35 year olds. The assignment was to “create”  two wines and their labels. I was assigned Beringer Vineyards located in Helena California.

Beringer was founded by the Beringer Brothers in the late 1800’s, a winemaker that thrived even during Prohibition…. think ‘sacramental’. Their labels are usually stark and formal. They received awards for their Red blend aka Barblut ” Bear’s Blood” and a white made from the Malvasia grape that creates a fruity wine, aka “Little Champagne”. The brothers were known by their neighbors as “Los Hermanos”.

The  angle I took was to create a re-issue of these award-winning wines, using the appeal of pups as a new story for “the brothers” and adding a chart on the back to assist the buyer in pairing the wine with food. Seems no matter the demographic, it can be difficult to choose the “right” wine. So I created a chart that is appropriate to that bottle’s contents.

Perfect combo- award-winning  wine, illustrations of dogs and tips on making a good wine choice based on your menu.

So here’s my take on the wine labels for Beringer aka Los Hermanos.

Bolt_Los_Hermanos_labels back_label_white-copyback_label_food_pairing_redbottles_frontbottles_back