My favorite movieg

My favorite movie is called Hanna. Directed by Joe Write.

We discussed with Neil how an opening scene can really set up a movie and its characters.  I thought id share a couple screen shots from Hanna and let you imagination run with what you think it sets the movie and the characters up for .


Cheers! :)

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The Paradox of Choice in Capitol Hill


Dining in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA is a matter of choice. It occupies a little over 1.6 square miles and offers an astounding 234 restaurant options. In 2015 alone, 29 new restaurants opened their doors. With this increase in food choices comes more freedom, and the recent influx of tech workers are demanding the continued autonomy brought on by such choice.


Unfortunately, with more choices, comes more decisions, which leads to exhaustion and unhappiness. With Japanese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Pizza, Indian on almost every corner and an absurd amount of sandwich shops, it can be quite the ordeal to decide on a place to eat.  Researcher Barry Schwartz explains that  “as the number of options increase, the costs, in time and effort, of gathering the information needed to make a good choice also increases. This causes the level of certainty people have about their choice to decrease and the anticipation that they will regret their choice to increase.”


Psychologists, David Myers and Robert Lane independently concluded that increased choice is linked to depression and feelings of loneliness. Americans demand choice to increase their happiness but instead become trapped in a paradox of choice and feel worse. It turns out the secret to happiness is low expectations and when it comes to food in Seattle, Capitol Hill will not bring you happiness.


Everything was better back when everything was worse.



The answer is obviously, more IHOP, less everything else.



Personal mood bored.

I’m doing a person project this year.  Its going to be possibly video. it definitely going to be Photography, and its my personal goal to some how learn how to make Gifs.

The project is going to be about happiness. but not big things like your significant other, the weather or major events in your life. Im going for the tiny things, like slurping noodles, an empty sink, or hearing your favorite song on the radio. tumblr_o01rq4DefM1r29uexo1_500

This is the kind of color I want to bring fourth.  I’m gonna strive for a bigger depth of field.

I don’t think though that every shot is going to be the same the color, depth of field, exposer and editing with all depend on what Im picture/video Im taking.

This is a list of some of the things that I thought of or was suggested to do by class mates or friends.  theres lots of little things that can make a day that more special or take it from bad to good. DSC_3604 DSC_3605

Strangers on CapHill.

On Friday Inmi and I went around and interviewed people on Capitol Hill about the neighbor hood. Here is was some of them said.

Kay Kirkpatrick

DSC_1142“I’m on my way to work at the Capitol Hill library. I’ve been a librarian for Seattle Public Libraries (link) since 1995 and I’ve worked at this branch off and on since 2003 when it was rebuilt. During my years working in the neighborhood, I’ve seen a big upheaval. There are more people around and the social fabric has changed.

I actually live in Highland Park in West Seattle where I’m very happy. I love it there too. I have a strong community base there. But I also love Capitol Hill because it’s so walkable.

I see two different aspects to any neighborhood. There’s the community itself and then there’s the built environment around us. Sometimes they are tied together but sometimes you might not know anyone living in your building for example. There’s a large influx of tech workers whose time here is transitional. They might not necessarily have buy-in to the idea of social community. I think that’s because they are at a particular stage of life and they might not be settling down here.

I would love to see the return of the old movie theater on the corner of Broadway and Olive. It’s a Rite Aid now, but that’s where I saw Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee in 1989 when it was first released. I also think we could use more affordable restaurants that would help add to the street life.

I think a couple things I’ve observed in this neighborhood is the growing need for more affordable housing. I also think heroin is another big problem too. I read that nationally deaths by heroin are exceeding deaths in auto accidents.”


Jeff by his work place
Jeff by his work place

“I work at Pagliacci Pizza and study at Seattle Central. I like my flexible schedule and that it’s a relaxed environment.

I grew up in the Central District and my parents still live in the house I grew up in. Today, I don’t think they would be able to afford that house. I remember there used to be a lot more kids playing in the streets in the CD back when I was growing up. I’m 32.

I’d like to live on Capitol Hill but it’s expensive and it’s also not the same place it used to be. There’s used to be more small businesses, there was greater racial and class diversity. Now it’s sort of gentrified. I wouldn’t care to live in an apodment on the hill. I really dislike the mod style of architecture that is popping up here. I think I’d have a hard time living here just from that aesthetic standpoint.

My girlfriend and I live on Eastlake. She’s also a student so we like to keep our home environment quiet and pretty serious.

I think the Hill needs more services to help people who are homeless or have drug abuse problems. The other day, my coworkers and I were watching a guy across the street to see if he was OD-ing or not. He was totally strung out. It’s really brutal to see how many people are living outside. I’ve been one step away from being homeless myself. Five years ago we had one tent city and today we have several.”


Dani in a Broadway Starbucks
Dani in a Broadway Starbucks

“I’m a Registered Nurse at Swedish and I’m also studying for my BSN at UW. It’s an interesting program because I’m actually taking my classes at Harborview.

I just moved here from LA several months ago. Parts of Capitol Hill actually feel a little like LA, kind of like Santa Monica. One of the things I miss about LA is the variety of restaurants, like really good Greek or Mexican food.

I met my boyfriend through a mutual friend after I moved to Seattle. I was out with friends at Montana, a bar here on Capitol Hill. We like hanging out in this neighborhood.

I spend a lot of time studying. I love doing my homework in coffee shops that feel comfortable. I’ve found several coffee shops here that are interesting and unique and have a great atmosphere. I’d rather go to independent coffee shops instead of the large chains because they have more character.”

Holland and Millie

Holly and Milly
Holly and Milly

“I moved here just a few months ago in May from Minnesota. Until just recently, I was working remotely for PetChatz which is a video chat program for your dog. There’s a monitor that you mount on the wall that will display your picture, as well as a speaker, camera, and treat dispenser. It allows you to say hi to your pet when you’re at work all day. I wrote the backend of the website.

When we first moved here, we drove around the city to decide where we wanted to live. We saw Roy St. Café and the brick cottages on that street and fell in love with this neighborhood. We wanted to live in a neighborhood that was older and green.

My boyfriend and I recently graduated, both of us with degrees in Computer Science. He got a job with Amazon so we both relocated here. Amazon is hiring so many people with CS degrees. A lot of my friends work for them, my dad also works for them. It looks great on your resume even if you work for Amazon for just a year. It’s almost like a gold star that shows you survived!

I usually try not to mention that my boyfriend works for Amazon. When I go to get my haircut I just tell people about my job working for pet chat. I understand that there is a lot of resentment against Amazon. Some of it was surprising to me. For example, there’s a stereotype that Amazon workers are super “bro” culture and I think that’s not true. Most computer science grads are super nerds and the complete opposite of bros.

Since I’m so new to Seattle, I don’t know how it’s changed, but I can definitely see all the new construction everywhere. So many of the new buildings look exactly the same as the new buildings on my college campus. You can tell that a lot of the building was premade and cheap to assemble.”


Tally waiting for the bus
Tally waiting for the bus

“I’ve lived on Capitol Hill for the past nine years. My condo is in a building built in the 1930s. I love living here where I can have so much interchange with people either in my building or on the bus. I see a lot of the same people every day.

I’m retired from my field as a college textbook editor. I fill my days with yoga and walks on Harvard Ave pretending I’m in the country!

When I moved in, that’s when Capitol Hill had bottomed out. From that time to now, I can see many changes. The area is gentrifying, and I think I was part of the beginning of that. I’m concerned about the way students are being priced out of this area. Either the housing is too expensive or it’s substandard and not well maintained. I think the changes in the neighborhood have been a mixed bag.

I’m also hopeful that the LEAD program will be successful here on the Hill. It’s a program where the police try to guide people to the help they need to treat their addiction and avoid a jail sentence. The recidivism in jails is so high, I think this program would be a great alternative approach to crime in the neighborhood.”


Something I’ve notice while trying to write an interview is that questions are hard to come up with. Especially when you want to make it seem positive and relative to the shooting that you’ve done.  (Due to legal things and many people not wanting to be on camera I couldn’t fully film what I had originally planed.)

I’m doing a 1 minute film for my new media class so I decided after a few failures of ideas that it’d be about the back stage at Macaw hall. So i need an interview question that isn’t boring and that they can answer in more then one word. Which is hard to do when the people you’re trying to interview aren’t very wordy.  

Luckily though I got someone who was willing to talk for at least a little bit. :) 

On a Filming my 6X6 and Other Things

Lets start with the simple things. My dad gave me my late grandmother film camera today still had film in it. Im gonna use up the rest of it then get it processed. Which is going to be fun.

This evening Ive decided to right notes to my self so I don’t forget things like homework, or to change back my camera settings to normal, or set them up for a shoot, or just tiny little feel better notes.

After doing my 6X6 short film. I looked back on it and really liked the process of it. Of filming, of editing, of showing people. the atmosphere of the class is really positive and light. Which is a nice break from some of my other classes. I could have easily been discourage from video but I wasn’t I was encouraged. It was nice.



Being a vediographer

I am not one. I’m not gonna lie. The only kind of filming I’ve done is when I was at a park with my friends when I was 14. It was mostly me just pointing at them whist they were doing ridiculous stuff.

I just figured out how to even film things with 750 Nikon. I’m so far out of my depth with this its not even funny. I’m not even entirely sure how to start. And it’s very daunting.

Hopefully getting out of my comfort zone with this class will open me to more learning about it and how to do it cuz I have no idea at this point. 

First entry (intro)


My name is Ariana Buck. I’m 22 years old and I grew up in Bellevue, Washington.

I’m not entirely sure what exactly I’m going to be writing about on this blog but hopefully it will be coherent and full of stories about what is going on with me life.

I’m actually debating if I should vlog or not to have something to go with this. if it just Write I’m afraid that it will for every just be extremely short snippets in to this thing called my life.

you can comment if you thinks thats a good idea or not…