Final Days of Personal Project

Last Friday I was almost done with the website I am working on for my client and then I changed one thing and completely broke the WordPress site. I spent the rest of the day trying to fix it, including reinstalling themes and then came to the conclusion that I’d be better of coding it in basic HTML/CSS and not trying to continue with WordPress.

Initially, I wanted to do WordPress for the site so that my client could update it as she had more work to show. However, after meeting with her and wireframing, I found that the best way to design the site was in a way that could easily be done in HTML instead of WordPress (since my client is freelancing on her spare time, she isn’t getting updated often and it’s a small section on her site, only showcasing 4 of her works so it is not hard or time intensive for me to update the site.)

Other than that, I am almost done with the report layout, it’s not the best but it’ll suffice for the intended purpose. I am behind on logo creation, I have sketched some options and met with the client over them but have not finalized anything.

Luckily, my client is a friend and the timeline is not set in stone.

This Friday, I plan to show the website and the report that I laid out. The logo work is to be continued in the following weeks.


Week 3 Progress

I’ve made some headway on the project and am on schedule. I have mocked up the website, made a mood board for style and have been working on styling the report. I will be meeting with my client this week to show her the mood board, to get the content for the website and to show her some logo sketches. I think I should be pretty much done with the website by the end of this week.


UPDATE – I had the opportunity to do some user testing for an app I’m working on for another class so I spent the class period rushing to put together wireframes for a prototype. Unfortunately, this set me back one day on my timeline.

Branding / Web Design Project

This quarter, for personal projects I decided to take on a freelance project for someone I know. It requires the setup and design of a WordPress portfolio site as well as personal branding. My goal for deliverables is a site, a logo and the layout of a report the client has created (which will be one of the pieces on the site).

Though I’m not sure this will be a portfolio piece, I do think that it will be good practice for me. It will give me more experience setting up a WordPress for client use which will be helpful when creating the Portshowlio site.

Here’s the tentative schedule:

Week 1

 WP – Get site set up. Research writing sites

Layout – Research ideas for report layout


Week 2 


WP is set up on domain, basic structure there (Contact, home page) and all plugins installed
Report content put into InDesign file

To do:

WP – design / coding

Layout – start styling and create paragraph styles



Week 3


Advanced Custom Fields in and coded ready for use

Layout – all content is in paragraph styles

To Do:

Layout – Continue working

Branding – mind map & brainstorm, start sketching logo ideas / moodboard

WP – finish


Week 4


Branding – Logo sketches

WP – done

Layout – progress, type pretty much styled

To Do:

Branding – refine logo concepts (then present)

Layout – Continue, move on to images


Week 5


Branding – have presented logos to client by now

Layout – should be nearly finished

 To Do:

 Branding – make necessary changes to logo.

 Layout – any last changes


Week 6




Now, to get to it! I’ll check back in two weeks with my progress.

SCCA – Two Years Can Change Everything

This week in New Media we’re presenting our final project. We were given the task of creating a campaign for SCCA  to better help  promote and spread the word about the school, this includes either a redesign of the SCCA website or a whole new landing page design for your campaign, a social media campaign, new logo, and a 30 and 10 second promotional video.

My group chose to target people in the Seattle area who are creative but may have never considered their hobbies a viable career. We chose the tagline “two years can change everything” to show potential new students that a career change, doing something you love is possible and it only takes two years (and a lot of hard work) to accomplish.

We decided to feature current students that potential ones could relate to. We asked them to share their stories about what they were doing before returning to school, what may have been holding them back from making the choice to go back to school and had them show a piece of work to show how far they’ve come and how much they’re loving it.

I coded the website, and choose to feature the photos we took in a modular grid. The images transition to show some important stats about the program.

Here’s the site: SCCA Website (Concept)

And here’s the video:


Hope you enjoy!

K is for Kitsch

In my Graphic Production class we’re making pop-up books. Each of us was given a letter of the alphabet and were told to make a story about it. My letter was K, so the first thing I thought of doing was something related to kitsch (because I love kitsch) and I ended up making a sort of diorama of a kitschy house.

This has been a tough project but I’ve learned a lot about production and got to practice my folding skills which I’m happy about and, since some of my pieces had some round edges, I decided to try out the laser cutter! It was my first time using it so I’m glad I got to learn.

Laser cutting out my cat!
Laser cutting out my cat!

I have everything printed and ready and now I just have to attach it all together. I’m thinking of using chipboard between the pages but if that doesn’t work out I’ll have to reprint again. I hope that it works though because I really don’t want to print/cut it again, I have made around four different mock-ups at varying sizes.

One of the small mockups
One of the small mockups
Mockup to scale
Mockup to scale


Here are the spreads:

Exterior of house
Exterior of house
Living room
Living room
Kitchen, missing kitchen table
Kitchen, missing kitchen table
Bedroom, missing night stand
Bedroom, missing night stand

As you can tell some pieces of furniture are missing, those are the pop-up pieces. I’ll try to remember to add a picture of the final product.

I’m going to put the whole thing together later this afternoon, fingers crossed!



How Many Weeks Left?

This quarter has gone by so fast and yet very slowly at the same time. I can’t believe we’re on week 8(..?) already!

Last week we got our new New Media assignments: we’re tasked with essentially marketing the design and photography program to potential new students outside of who already applies (so reaching new audiences). This is going to be a fun but very difficult challenge, it’s exciting to work on something that could potentially have a lot of impact on the program though.

As of now, my group is still in the concept phase but we’re trying to nail ideas down tomorrow so that we can film this weekend.

In other news, I turned in my “Question Reality” poster on Monday for Graphic Production. It turned out okay but I learned a lot which is more important.

Final Question Reality Poster
Final Question Reality Poster


I also finished my magazine spread for my Typography class. I chose to do the Burning Man article. I like how it turned out, there’s stuff I’d change but I learned so much on this project that it doesn’t even matter. Jill’s critiques are so informative and her feedback is so valuable, we’re really lucky to have her as a teacher every quarter.

The audience I was imaging was readers of business/economic magazines aged 35 to late 50s.  I was specifically imagining the audience as being the potential “burners” in Silicon Valley who are becoming more and more frequent attendees at the event.

When I was searching for images, I looked for ones that related to commerce–since that was what the article is about–and I found some that were pretty cool and that go along with the headline well (The Wonderful Weird Economy of Burning Man).


Here it is:


Final_Castellow without Guides_Page_1

Magazine Article Project

Final_Castellow without Guides_Page_3

(I made the ad, too).


That’s all for now, ttyl –






I finished my gum packaging this week and I’m decently happy with how it turned out.  Again, I spent way too much time trying to figure out what I was going to do for the illustration/design on the front when I should’ve been focusing on the rest of the details more. I can’t remember if I’ve already talked about the project but each of us were given a demographic or type of gum to design for and mine was stress-relief. We had to make three variations of the gum and I chose to make ones that helped with different stress symptoms and that also were different flavors. We also had to try to make the packaging eco-friendly.

Visually, I wanted the packaging to show how you  would feel when chewing the gum. To make the package more eco-friendly, I eliminated the foil and plastic that held the gum in the original packaging (original PUR gum packaging) and changed it to an all recyclable paper box. I kept the size pretty small and compact so that more could be shipped at a time (reducing shipping costs and footprint) and the ink used would be soy-based. I also added some gum wrappers inside of the boxes that have puzzles and activities on them which would help users to take their mind off of their stress. These papers would help to reduce gum littering and the papers would be made of biodegradable wax paper (likely starch-based).

Here’s the finished product:


And all of my different iterations:


For the next project we’re doing a similar challenge where we need to design three different products (with different packaging) that look cohesive and are also eco-friendly. The choice of brands are a cat or dog food brand, cannabis skin care or natural cleaning supplies. Right now I’m leaning toward doing a cat food brand but we’ll see what I decide.

That’s all I’ve got for now, until next time!




Cinco De…Homework

This Cinco De Mayo, my “celebration” consists of enjoying some chips and salsa I just picked up from the store then doing some homework. Don’t get me wrong, that sounds super fun but what I’m yearning for is Rosita’s happy hour (in Greenlake) and those fresh tortillas with butter and salsa. Oh well. As I was enjoying said chips and salsa  I decided to check out my feedly feed(?) which led me to one of my favorite sites,, an art news site that I wrote about in one of my earlier posts.

From there, I stumbled upon an article about a designer who I thought was really cool which reminded me of something I was doing before school started. I was looking into and learning about the design industry and with each designer, artist or art director I learned about, I wanted make sure I remembered them so I put together a document with some info about each person (which helped me out when writing my essay for the program application).  It’s something I really enjoyed doing but have since stopped since starting school. I think it’s such a good resource to have so I thought it would be a cool idea to share some of the people I’m finding and learning about on the blog. And now I’m going to share this guy I just found out about.

His name is:

Roberto Burle Marx

Roberto Burle Marx
Boss man Roberto Burle Marx (6)

Lived in Brazil, born August 4, 1909 and died June 4, 1994

About: Marx was a Brazilian landscape architect, a painter, print maker, ecologist, naturalist, artist and musician

Known for: his designs of parks and gardens which greatly influenced tropical garden design in the 20th century. He is also credited with having introduced modernist landscape architecture to Brazil.

From (7):

Roberto Burle Marx was a polymath interested in graphic design, tapestry, line and shape, and managed in a completely original way to transfer those ideas and textures from paper and fabric onto the ground.

He was an early conservationist – one of the first of his countrymen to criticise the destruction of the rainforests. He also championed the use of native species at a time when they were overlooked. Marx became a national hero, which is very unusual for a gardener.


Copacabana sidewalk
Copacabana sidewalk, Rio de Janeiro (1)
Avenida Atlântica, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Pavement Design. (2)
Avenida Atlântica, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Pavement Design. (2)
Cover Design for the Magazine Rio
Cover Design for the Magazine Rio (3)
Gardens of the Ministry of Education and Health, Rio de Janeiro
Gardens of the Ministry of Education and Health, Rio de Janeiro (4)
Farmhouse and chapel gardens in Barra de Guaratiba (5)
Boca de Mato, Lithograph
Boca de Mato, Lithograph (8)

What initially caught my eye about him is that I used his sidewalk pattern as inspiration in something I was working on and now I know who did it, which is cool.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope this was at least a little interesting and if not, at least there were pictures.

– Kaitlyn



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(2) Burle Marx, Roberto. Avenida Atlântica, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Pavement Design. 1970. Jewish Museum, New York. Web. 05 May. 2016.

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Tea Time

This week our International Typographic Style posters were due in Typography. I enjoyed the project but am glad it’s over, it took up most of my time this week so I’m a little behind on other classes.

I’m content with how it turned out, though not in love with it. I am happy that I decided to go in a different direction than other people who did the tea posters by going for the British, proper tea party-look.

Here it is:

Tea Poster
Tea Poster

Our New Media “Believe Project” is due tomorrow. Our group chose to focus on one student and her journey so far at Seattle Central. Emma, our literal poster child, didn’t know what she wanted to do for her career when she came to Seattle Central. In a Math class –a subject that she previously did poorly in–she had a professor that not only helped her realize that she could be good at math, but helped her discover her interest for the sciences which helped her find her career path. She realized that orthodontics was a path that she was passionate about and is now on track for pursuing that goal. She is happy and confident with her dream and her ability to reach it, all because of the help and guidance she received here at SCCC.

Here’s the poster so far, I may edit the copy a bit but otherwise it’s pretty much done.

Believe Project Poster
Believe Project Poster



This week I also discovered Vaporwave and thought I’d share. It’s a term that describes a style of art and music, I’ve seen the artwork before but didn’t know what the style was called until now.

From Wikipedia:

Vaporwave is a musical micro-genre that emerged in the early 2010s among Internet communities. It is characterized by a nostalgic fascination with retro cultural aesthetics (typically of the 1980s, 1990s, and early-mid 2000s), video games, technology, post-modern Japanese culture and advertising, and styles of commercial and popular music such as lounge, smooth jazz and elevator music.

Example art:

Vaporwave art example

Vaporwave art

Vaporwave art

There are tons of hour-plus long vaporwave playlists on Youtube and they’re awesome when you need something hypnotic and chill in the background while working.

That’s pretty much it for my week. I’m super tired even though I’ve been sleeping a decent amount. I think my brain is fried…or just drained. I need to watch tv or something to get my mind off of school… or drink. We will see.



Wine About It

This week that wine project was due and we photographed the end result which was really cool. I’m decently happy with what I came up with. I ended up mixing aspects from each of the two directions I was going in last week together.

Here’s what I had last week:

First iteration
First Iteration

My final:

My inspiration:

Illustration by Lynnie Zulu
Illustration by Lynnie Zulu

I still wish I figured out how to include patterns more in my design. I recognized early on that that, along with the bright colors were two things I really wanted to work into my design but I got stuck thinking about how to use them instead of just trying something. This is an issue I really need to work on!

In other news, I’m still working on that typography poster that is supposed to be inspired by the International Typographic Style (see two posts ago) and have been a bit jammed up on that.

During critique today, one of the other students was also feeling really stuck also and the teacher noticed and talked her through it. She told her that she is fighting with her personal style/what she wants to do, as in she is trying to fit the parameters of the assignment instead of listening to her style. She suggested that she forget the parameters, make whatever she wants and then go back and reel it in to fit the parameters. Then, this student went and messed around with her design and it’s so much more her style and already headed in a very exciting direction.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but we were given three sets of copy to choose from for this assignment: (all lists) rum drinks for summer, dancing through the ages, and top teas for health. I chose teas and, after crit. today I have the structure down but am now struggling with how to bring out the proper tone (typically tea should be calming, relaxing) and in this struggle, I am becoming annoyed with my tea choice.

The reason I’m sharing this is because thinking back to what my teacher said to the other student just now made me realize that perhaps tea doesn’t have to have that exact tone and maybe I could go for a whole different one. This isn’t that interesting of a revelation but it was exciting for me because I feel that realizing this has opened up a whole new set of possibilities for what I can do….I’m excited now so hopefully I actually come up with something cool. I will let you know in a week.


P.S. RIP Prince :(