The Big One

The second year students had their portfolio show over the last few days and as first years we were tasked with assisting. I helped with a little bit of the setup, and the food/drink on Wednesday and was able to take in the show itself on Thursday.

It was really great to see finished portfolios and what we are a class are working towards, I definitely walked away with a lot of ideas and inspiration. I especially liked the entrance areas and how people were directed around the show.

Photo by Clarita Hinojosa

Photo by Clarita Hinojosa

Typography II Mailer

For Jill’s final project we created a mailer, mine was for the company Molbaks. Our focus was on functionality and type and also learning how to use a modular grid. I struggled a lot with building a base for the grid, but after many rounds of feedback from my classmates I was happy with my final result taking into consideration the limited amount of time.


Outside of mailer


Inside poster of mailer

We were also directed to create a mockup of a website that would also include similar information for the campaign.


Desktop mockup

Seattle Central Creative Academy Campaign

In our last project for new media during the third quarter we were tasked with creating a campaign for the combined design+photography program at Seattle Central. I formed a team with Joe, Gabby, Tomoko, and Aigul.

We worked as hard as time would allow but in the end the instructors gave us only negative feedback which was pretty disappointing and overwhelming on the last day of school.

Our final video is shown below.

UX quarter-long project

Eduard’s quarter-long UX project turned interaction project was interesting. I did enjoy trying out the new prototyping tool by Adobe, Xd. Though, it is very limited and not possible to create a hi-fi prototype, it was super quick to learn and fairly easy to create the interactions.

I worked with Wynn, LIz, and Jenni and a screen shot of our final prototype is shown below, to check out the interactive prototype visit this link:



Magazine Article: Polaris Slingshot

Since, I had very limited time for the Swiss style poster design and ended up producing something I was not proud of, I was excited to be able to put extra time into Jill’s second assignment, the magazine article. I iterated and received feedback and made adjustments each week, and even though I wasn’t able to make the deadline (for the first time this year :( ) I was really happy with my final design.

I tried to carry the black and white theme without, and create a strong and interesting piece. I used Oswald bold for the title and headings, and Merriweather for the body text and captions.

I really enjoyed this assignment because it focused me to learn things about Indesign that I had overlooked in the Swiss style poster assignment. I am now comfortable working with hypens, and baseline grids.

Super Dax: Disaster Undone

For our second project in the third quarter of new media we were given a random group, a random name, a random product, and a random instructor to help us along the way.

I worked with Amy Ray and Vycktoryja Selves our random name was Super Dax, and our random project was a magnifier, shown below.


Random product

We choose to focus our story around time travel and created two videos advertising the abilities of the Super Dax. We all helped with the filming, Vycktoryja leading the filming, myself assisting and Amy acting. Then together we did a first edit. I then did the final edit, added the music, and the beginning animation using code written in Processing. Amy added in the final animation using After Effects.

Question Reality Poster

In Jason’s 3rd quarter of production we learned skills related to operating the Adobe program, Photoshop. One of our projects was to create a poster that resulted in its viewers questioning reality. I had difficultly finding images to use, but in the end enjoyed practicing selections.


Gum Packaging

Our second assignment for packaging with Robynne Raye was to design a line of Pur gum. I, as usual, ran out of time to do a die line so I did packaging for glass jars. My demographic was people living with human deficiencies, so the idea is that the gum could be stored in their medicine cabinet and chewing it would help to relive pain associated with immune deficiencies. The types of gum are based on their vitamin content.


Product photography

Photoshop Landscape

I very literally had no idea what to use Photoshop for, before this quarter. I am thankful for all that we have been exposed to, and all of my learnings. One of the first assignments we received was to paint a landscape based on a photograph. I was very intimidated by this project, as I am not a painter and was not confident in my photoshop skills. Thankfully, it came together pretty nicely in the end.

Believe Project

I was sad to miss the first class that introduced this project, but was happy to get a chance to work with Wynn and Clarita, as well as to work on another project with Vaughn.

We choose to highlight the story of Futsum Tsegai who completed the now defunct videography program in 2012. He shared his life story with us in a recorded interview with Wynn. We created a video promoting Seattle Central, a poster, and a website.

I ran audio for the video and learned a lot about how to use the LAV system and the importance of testing all your equipment before you leave. I also created the poster, with some design guidance from Marc and was happy with the result.

Believe project poster

Believe project poster