Pretty stoked about these logos I designed as a project for advertising my school…the Seattle Central Creative Academy! Since our school is shortened as SCCA, the logo is a s, c, c and an a stacked together. (Also the color is a single Pantone color to cut off printing costs and stuff!)

This isn’t all of the project, we as a group worked on a video and our group member Lunuo took amazing lifestyle photos that goes together! (I’ll look for a way to share the photos)

We also have a website for the academy. Sorry- links don’t work!



After some watercolor-bubble craze, I designed this line of cleaning products for my packaging class! I designed the look of the labels with Target in mind (The nice ones you can get at Target). I designed labels for an all-purpose cleaner, dish soap and a set of soap bars, a tag for a small nail brush, and a dieline for a fabric softener. It’s so nice to see them all together!


Our task for Typography II final was to design a brochure in the size of 11′ x 17′. The theme I chose out of 4 themes was ‘Savvy Small-Space Urban Gardening Ideas’, and since the assigned demographic was people between the age of 40-60, I decided to design the layout with my mom in mind! She loves urban-style gardening, and also has a great sense of design. Here’s what I made for her:


Also I coded a small landing page that goes with the brochure. Check it out from here:



I forgot to introduce one of my most favorite projects from last quarter!
The project was from our web design class (Interactive II), and for this project we each individually developed a website for an athletic apparel brand. Not only that we visually designed it but also we had to code the entire website using bootstrap, and I had a lot of fun messing around with Dreamweaver.

My brand was a performance snowboard brand for men/women/kids, so I decided to make my brand gender-neutral and say it’s for all people of all ages.

You can check out the website from here!



Our second project for the packaging class was about redesigning and coming up with a new line for an existing gum line, Pür gum.

Each of us were given a random demographic, and the one I got was “Athletic young adults in their 20s to 30s”.
So I started by sketching out graphic ideas, and then started thinking of how the box is going to be like. I’m super into some sort of interactive packaging, so I thought about a box that could be pulled out. I designed a dueling by myself and it turned out great! Each of the box (inside/outside) has a circle cut out, and when the box is pulled out the circles line up and the gum will be disposed from the circle. It even stops right at the lining up point so it couldn’t be pulled out further!

Photo below is how it looks like when the box is pulled out. It was a fun project to work on!IMG_5163_edited



I’m excited for the new project we have in our typography class that’s due on the 23rd of this month.
Layout design is what I’m extremely interested in, and working on layouts are really satisfying. We have to build a 6 page magazine article as the whole project, but this week we’re just starting with the first opening spread.

Image is my first iteration of the opening spread. Even though it’s not going to be my final, I put it into one of those magazine mockup templates. There’s something really pleasing about these mockups!



For the first assignment of our packaging class, we were assigned a random winery and redesigned their bottles.
The winery I was assigned was A to Z wineworks, and we chose two varietals to work with.

I had an idea of a pattern that imitates stratums (as stratums and wine both grow over time and adds depth in them), and I chose rosé and chardonnay so that the patterns shows through the bottle.

The label is printed both sides, and there’s a 2′ square cut out on the label so that when the label wraps around the patterns could be seen through the window. Also the logo is laser-etched on the bottle; it was a great opportunity for me to try out the laser cutter!

Overall I’m pretty happy with what came out. Our next project will be gum packaging, so I’m excited for that too.



We designed a poster in the style of International Typographic Style.
The key elements of the style are
– Grid based structure
– Typefaces such as Helvetica, Univers, etc
– Ragged right paragraphs
– Headlines in sentence case

We were allowed to choose one from three topics, and I chose “5 rum drinks.” The other two was about teas and dancing.

I had a whole bunch of iterations before I reached my final design, and the first iteration and the final looks totally different!

We’re doing a introduction for magazine layouts for our next project, and I’m extremely excited about it.


Spring quarter started, and we made it through the first week!
There are many things that I’m excited about this quarter…especially, I’m looking forward for building an app in the interactive class. The class is mostly going to be presentation-based, and since I’m not a strong presenter I’m looking forward to put a lot of effort in it and get better at it!

The weather’s getting nicer and the day’s getting longer, and that’s definitely gonna help me be more creative than last quarter!