Portshowlio | Wednesday Night

The graduating class at SCCA presented the opening of their Portfolio Show last night and it went perfectly. It was so beautiful to see how everything came together and everyone is so proud of what they’ve accomplished.

I was in charge of the Snapchat so I was busy with that for most of the night, but I did manage to get some good shots from the show outside of that!

Gallery - Portshowlio

The Pop-Up room was gorgeous and so well displayed, I think it might’ve been my favorite room in the show. I loved how all the posters and infographics were hung, it looked very elegant and seamless.

Gallery2 - Portshowlio Gallery3 - Portshowlio

The individual stations were bustling all night with different visitors/creatives … It was a really good eye opener into what we’ll all be doing next year – slightly intimidating but in a good way.

I thought it was cool that a lot of the grads had stationary/ magazines/ books … even puzzles for people to look at and have. That’s definitely something I’d love to do for next year.

Stations - Portshowlio

And, of course I had to sneak in a shot of our fabulous teachers, as Eric said last night none of us would be where we are without them and I feel so grateful to be a part of this community.


One more show to go! Tonight’s going to be awesome! :)

Magazine Article – Fashion Upcycling

This quarter in Typography we got a good taste of what our magazine class is going to be like next year. We chose a topic and then got to collect imagery and do a layout for an article. I chose to do Fashion Upcycling and envisioned my article living in a niche magazine.

We had to do an ad aswell but I decided to leave that out… I wasn’t very excited with how it turned out… maybe ads in general aren’t that exciting? I had a hard time carrying visual interest through the whole article and having enough room for all the body copy while trying to maintain a more luxurious look and feel. Overall I’m really happy with how it turned out though and I definitely learnt a lot.

Upcycling1 Upcycling2 Upcycling3


In New Media we were given a prop ( a purple fly swatter ) and a brand name ( Kinstrong ) and were then asked to create a video/commercial advertising our fake brand and product.

I had the pleasure of working with Yasu Fukada and Victoria Kovios and I’m so happy with how this project turned out.

We decided to make it seem very serious and eery, playing more of a mockumentary angle. Our video was centered around an epic duel of sorts between two opponents who both were in possession of a Kinstrong. Here’s our moodboard and some BTS shots:

Kinstrong Moodboard Kinstrong1 Kinstrong2 Kinstrong3

Make sure you check out our full length video on Vimeo! Kinstrong Full – Victoria Kovios

*Special thanks to our actors Cameron Munn and Saayeh Anderson

International Typographic Style

One of the things I was most excited about this quarter was learning how to use a grid (properly), but this project totally kicked my ass.

I did end up with something I’m really proud of, but grid structures are way harder to use than I would’ve ever expected. I think I got so caught up in making everything perfectly balanced and regimented that I almost forgot what I actually enjoy making, I forgot to try and make it my own.

“Emulating a style” turned into me trying to make something that fit in with everything else that already existed. Clearly that didn’t work.

After a few tears and a lot of frustration, Jill Vartenigian looked at me and told me to make whatever I wanted to, and then to make it work with the project. With that in mind, I focused less on what I had to accomplish and more on adding me into the poster I was making, and it turned out really well.


Gum Packaging

PUR Gum is an aspartame free gum company that prides itself on being good for you and the environment. In this concept project we were randomly assigned a demographic and asked to create a line of PUR gum for said demographic. I was given people who want to quit smoking.

To align with the PUR brand I chose to make my gum an all natural nicotine gum alternative. To make the packaging environmentally friendly I opted to make them reusable so consumers would just have to repurchase the gum itself when they ran out.

I tried to avoid using dark/heavy colors and kept as much white space as possible throughout my design. I created a textural smoke pattern that cleared in the middle – symbolic of smoke clearing from the lungs. I also put great consideration into the flavors of each one, doing a lot of research into what kinds of foods help smokers quit.

To cater to the oral asphyxiation that smokers have I created gum sticks that not only resembled cigarettes both visually and physically but also break off into tab like pieces. This would enable the consumer to bite a piece off of one stick and slip it back into the insert or hold it as they consume one entirely.


Believe Project

In our New Media class, we got into groups and had to create a video and some branding along with it to support our concept.

The Believe Foundation is a group that works with Seattle Central, providing students who want to further their education with scholarship opportunities of all kinds.

At Seattle Central Community College we not only have a huge diversity in programs, but in culture as well. At our school 81 languages are spoken, and the average age of our students is 27. There is so much learning that goes beyond the classroom here at SCCC. We wanted to highlight the interactions that happen within our walls and how these interactions are brought to life outside of school. Seattle Central students leave with stories of people from all walks of life that they project back out to the Seattle community.

Here is the poster and ads that Sarah Chhoukdean and I created for this project, incorporating our tagline “At Seattle Central a student can be anyone”:


PAK Granola

PAK is a granola brand for the weekday and weekend warriors, in brand alignment with Bear Naked, REI and Filson. We aim to provide our consumers with a high quality product that gives them the fuel they need to take on their next adventure. All of our ingredients are organic and high in nutritional value.

Aesthetically we went in the “big and bold” direction as far as packaging and advertising go. My group members ( Nick King, Melody Hirsch & Kasaundra Kincaid ) wanted our product to really stand out on the shelf, and be inspiring for people that lead busy lives.

Here are some behind the scene shots as well as some shots we will be using in our ad campaign that were taken and compiled by my team members from our photo/ video shoot the other day.

Chrissie-w-Wonderlandweb StairswebJustin-w-bowlweb product-shot-3-flavorsweb

*Photos courtesy of Kasaundra K Photography

AIGA Woman Up Panel Event

Last Thursday Sarah and I went to the AIGA Woman Up Panel at Creative Live in South Lake Union. Not only was it cool to see where the Jason Hoppe tutorial magic happens but the event turned out to be quite the experience.
Neither of us knew it was going to be a live filmed event, which we probably should have given the name of where we were. For the first 10 minutes of the panel I was mostly just concentrating on not coughing or dropping anything on the ground.
I will admit that at the beginning of the talk I was a little uninterested, until I actually engaged in what these inspiring woman were talking about. The conversation ranged from topics of gender inequality to asserting yourself in the workplace and how to be a leader, but more importantly how to carry yourself like one.
I learnt a lot, I will definitely have to go to more events like it!

*this wall was cool.

Creative Live

Importance of Iteration

Each day I become a little bit more aware of how important it is to iterate. It’s become one of those things that I’m so used to now I can basically do it all in my head. But that point aside I really don’t know what my work would be like if I chose my first draft for everything and made that my final.
One of the coolest ways I see this benefiting me is that every project I do is better than the last, to me at least there’s definitely a slight possibility that I’m totally full of shit.
I think if I could only take one thing away from this whole experience it would be to always keep working and iterating, trying to make what you’re working on stronger. I don’t believe I’ve ever been 100% satisfied with something I’ve made, I think 9.9999 times out of 10 something or some things could have been executed better, For awhile I thought that thinking that way was going to drive me crazy. It hasn’t yet… but it has made me push harder and I hope to keep doing that.

Moving away from that little philosophical spiel of mine, here are some examples of a typography project I’ve been iterating the past couple of weeks ( yes, they’re screenshots ) :

Iterations1 Iterations2 Iterations3 Iterations4 Iterations5