Virtual Reality / Week Five :: Tutorials and Development

The Camp has beautiful sounds and is almost ready for a live walk-through! Can’t wait to make some s’mores!

Started a Unity tutorial to develop VR for Occulus. Perhaps not the smartest endeavor since we don’t have access to an Occulus yet, but I’m hoping that the basics I learn will apply to developing for VIVE even if I’m unable to show or use the finished product. 

Ok, that didn’t work. You definitely need the Occulus plug-in to run in Unity and see live-feedback. Lesson learned. 

Cool. Moving on… 

How about Learn VR Dev School


Excited to see that they have a Twitch channel where you can watch VR development live on Thursdays at 7:30PM PST. I know where I’ll be this Thursday evening! 


Mid tutorial, the charming Lee Wasilenko mentions part of the Steam VR Prefabs includes a Camera that functions as “Ears” aka, the Audio Listener. I got excited thinking that this meant that the user could speak and the Ears would “hear,” only to google-discover that the ears are really speakers. I’m not sure about the terminology and hope I’m wrong. 


Tangential aside: discovered this fascinating discussion about SteamVR audio… 

I’m curious about the writer who calls theirself “Cherry2000” (how cool would it be to befriend a developer who is this well spoken and might be my gender / age? or at least aware of pop culture androids that predate the year 2000?) alas, they have a private account. 

The comments are also intriguing, just the personality and voice of people who are in this deep. 

Another interesting distinction in the prefabs is the head camera HMD view vs window view from the Head. 

Interestingly, I was offered an option for not including the Unity watermark intro ahem, the “splash screen” — I declined it against my better judgement … we’ll see how that goes. 


It looks like I’ll definitely have to save this out as a package and try to load it up on the MSI to interact with it live while developing. Building on a remote Mac and then migrating to the MSI for feedback/interaction is not a great workflow. Developers should really have access to a permanent terminal connected to the system while they are working. 

Fascinating information about creating experiences for standing (expanded play area) and sitting. The volume of space you take up varies on the Y axis accordingly and things need to be designed to those specs. 

This baby is gonna have to wait until I can get my hands on the MSI:

Messages Image(2969965938)

Personal glossary additions:  

HMD: Head-Mounted Display

GUI: Graphical User Interface (previously I’d been calling everything a HUD, Heads-Up Display) 

Last but not least, Gabriel and I have both applied
to be early adopters / developers for the HTC VIVE Tracker… 



And it looks like full-body tracking is on the way:

Virtual Reality / Week Four :: Reading & Experimentation

We’re playing with Cinema4D’s ability to render 3D objects with 2D cell shading: 

Building cozy off-world colonies: 

Messages Image(136582262) Messages Image(2375526967)

Now reading: 

Messages Image(1406283649) Messages Image(2470259308)

*don’t judge these books by their covers. no, really.

We were also lucky enough to meet Stephanie, a VR Developer for HBO and alumna (thanks be to Jill Vartenigian, again) and are reaching out to set up time for a blitz-tour of her office.


Environmental Graphics :: Bold beginning // Sad finish

The design was bold:

Inspired by 17th Century American Grave markers, Edward Gorey, and Tim Burton, I’ve made a sign to indicate who I am and where I sit. The humor make it memorable, the style fits my brand. The quote, “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.” is borrowed from my favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut, and the latin phrases harken back to my time in high school as the latin club president.

A2_Hanneld_GiveMeASign_Page_1 A2_Hanneld_GiveMeASign_Page_2 A2_Hanneld_GiveMeASign_Page_3 A2_Hanneld_GiveMeASign_Page_4

But the MakerBot couldn’t handle the fine detail despite having a water-tight file:

Second attempt, I got to learn how to replace the filament:CA2D9416-B594-40A2-93E7-61BFE6F0F96C

and ultimately, had to dramatically redesign:


H/H Corp :: Werewolf, Hunter, Branding, Lecture!

We had our second (and last!) shoot for Werewolf on Saturday.

Here are some lovely details of the pages Gabriel created for the shoot: Messages Image(205038701) Messages Image(805956277) Messages Image(1025437893) Messages Image(3373525816)

And a behind-the-scenes video:

And some stills:

0C882833-FA9E-4543-8061-F491963E0ABA 35F27A3E-B552-4C97-896F-8460B8831680 ED967872-D708-4EB4-A900-9CFDDF725924 IMG_1923.JPG IMG_1963.JPG IMG_5668 IMG_5670

Next up: editing the footage and adding MAGIC in AfterEffects.

We were delighted to shoot again with Katie Strand.

We’re continuing work on Night of the Hunter (1956), we have a tentative narrative, the text transcribed, and will turn out moodboards this week.


We got back the headshots taken by the talented Galen Andrus.

Here’s the moodboard we gave him: Messages Image(2790466231)

And the final results:

Messages-Image(3540751244) Messages-Image(3948151242)


We also attended a motion graphics lecture at Adobe.

But first, we had dinner at Two Shoe BBQ in Frelard. We’re off the sauce for the month of January, but still know how to party…



Back to the lecture. The brilliant (and stand-up human) Jorge R Canedo Estrada spoke to a packed room – Here’s his reel: 

Pretty cool, right??

We learned a lot and got a lot of tips and cool sites––and we’re sharing them with you since you couldn’t go :)

Here’s another cool, useful thing he made:


Inspirational sites: 

Wine after Coffee – animation & motion channel curated daily by the best animators. Here’s an example:

Learn Squared – tutorial site; Jorge has one on here that we’d love to take:


Super cool design houses where Jorge worked:

  1. BLOCK & TACKLEMessages Image(3683952305)
  2. GIANT ANTMessages Image(2345585307)
  3. JOSHUA HARVEYMessages Image(199316147)

And last but not least: 5 Alarm – a website that Jorge was saying is a sad alternative to custom composed music (but implied it was better than the free shit we’ve all been using.) Bookmarked!

Not a bad week, all in all.*

*we did not make it to the gym. not even once. 




H/H Corp :: Forging Further

Continuing work on Werewolf, a big prop came in on Friday and our second shoot is scheduled for Wednesday: 

h5H/H Headshot Photoshoot with the fabulous Galen Andrus: h6 h3

Late-night branding exercise for H/H Corp (Thanks Jill!): h1 h2

Watched Night of the Hunter (1955) our next movie package: hA hB

Title style inspiration:

Aaaaand we’ve started working out together 3x/wk at the MAC: h8 h9


Virtual Reality / Week Two :: Experimentation & Installation

We have the location and equipment all set up.

Steam VR (portal to VR Applications & HTC Vive Software – this is where Google Tilt lives) runs everything that we’ve experimented with so far.

As we move into development, we’ll be using:

  • Cinema 4D / 3D Studio Max
  • Unity (Game Design)
  • 360 VR / Stitch

The hardware consists of:

  • 2 Controllers + 2 Chargers
  • Link box (connects VR Headset to the computer)
  • 3 link box cables (Audio, HDMI, & USB)
  • VR Headset (wired)
  • Earbuds connected to VR Headset
  • MSI Laptop (y’know, the Dragon Edition) + Charger
  • Sync cable for the Base Stations (mounted at 6.5′)


Virtual Reality / Week One :: VR Research & Planning

We spent a lot of time reading and researching. VR is a squishy space where a lot hasn’t been figured out yet – the practical applications, the software and hardware and how they interact with preexisting design resources.

Can you model something with Google Tilt and then use the 3D Printer to see it in real life?

Can two people be in the same VR world at the same time and interact with each other?

Can something created in Cinema 4D live in the VR world and be rendered as a video that can be shared?

Can you take a 360 video, map it to a sphere and populate it as a world with 3D-rendered objects?

Beats the fuck outta me, but I’ll let you know in a couple weeks.


So far the reading list is:

Neuromancer – William Gibson

Ready Player One – Ernest Cline (we’re already calling the VR world “The Oasis” and have a Joust Lich as our desktop wallpaper. NERD ALERT.)

We’re suggesting reading or watching YouTube videos about Ivan Sutherland, Bob Sproull, & Jaron Lanier.

We’re also researching the physiological functionality / effects that VR has on the human body to share back.


Stay tuned…

American Werewolf in London :: Ice Cold Shoot

There’s a quote that I can’t find, the sentiment is something to the effect that true creativity is channeled when things don’t go as planned. I found one that works from Orson Welles: “The enemy of art is no limitations.”

Here we are, on the coldest day of the year, during Winter Break, shooting with friends who are taking time away from their friends and family to help us. We’re cutting scenes and characters from the storyboard as we go, adapting for the circumstances.

And thanks to those talented colleagues and friends, things went well (albeit not to plan) after all. It even started to snow.