Visual Aids of the Game

One of challenges for this project is merging our different design styles because they are very different. Based off Joe’s initial idea of the mood, my goal is to capture that mood from his descriptions and create imagery to match to his idea. Of course, I will also incorporate my design ideas while keeping his original mood of the board game.

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Here is more about our project!

Special Project

For the second year, we have a special subject class that is continuous class through the three quarters. We can pick any project. The idea behind this project is that it could be something for our future job.

Joe, my fellow second year classmate, and I decided to create a board game as a team. The idea is originally from Joe and he asked me to work together. We worked on a New Media project in the first year and I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with him again.

Here is more about our project!


The graphic design portfolio show 2016 was held on June 15th and 16th. The second year students have been working very hard for this. I helped do drawings for a decoration on a white board. It was very fun to do! The 16th was the day for friends and family. There were so many people in every room. I came here for the portfolio show last year but saw things differently this time. I took some notes for my portfolio show next year!

IMG_9419 IMG_9416 IMG_9415

New Media Award

For our New media  class yesterday, the teachers set up an award show. It was fun and great show! When we entered into the room, academy award music was playing and spotlights set up on both sides of the roomThe emcee appeared with an outstanding costume. Our teacher, Neil started with a great story. Our show started! Andrew also produced and controlled smart fun background display. I really enjoyed and respect all that they can produce and create so well. Our video was nominated but did’t get an award.. However, I really enjoyed the moment and learned from them. Thank you very much!


New Media Class

For our New media class, our group received a random brand name and could choose a product on the table as our product. We needed to create a commercial video for the product. Our brand name is “plus plus”. We were allowed to change twice but we all agreed that is great name for branding. Based on that, we browsed items on table. “Plus Plus” There are a pair of small paint rollers. That’s it!

We started thinking what kind of functions they could be used for besides painting. A hair accessory, a massage tool, a pen, a filter and a wrist rest etc. There were many great ideas.

Finally, we decided the two pink fuzzy rollers to be used as love traffic controllers. This protects you from somebody you don’t want but you can control right one by this! Also, we made an exaggerated poster!


UX Blue-Sky Sketches

From our interactive class, we have been working on designing apps to lose weight and become healthier for obese people. To create apps, we have a processes, thinking of our blue sky idea. The reason why we do blue sky is to think openly without restriction. This way makes people give open mind and may have fantastic ideas. To explain our blue sky idea, we used our sketches. This makes people visually understand and give an image of situations, functions and usages easily. Here is my sketches!

img2 img

Gum Packaging

Our second assignment from our packaging class is creating a new product for PUR brand gum. Each student decided what kind of gum we would design. Mine was heartburn gum. I started researching what heartburn is, what kind of symptoms appear, what ingredients are good for relieving  hurt burn. My target demographic is late 40’s to early 50’s. It can be higher but I thought above the 60’s would be more careful what to eat for their stomach. Also, I went to supermarkets to researching other similar competing products.


Wine bottle label from our packaging class

This is a wine bottle label assignment from our packaging class.

My winery was Dunham Cellars in Walla Walla, Washington. Our target demographic was 25 to 35 years old and the price point was under 20 dollars.


Here is some information I discovered about the winery. The company was established in 1995 and is family owned. Dunham Cellars received an award-winning reputation for their wines. The Dunham’s first vintage, a 1995 Cabernet Sauvignon was chosen as one of the finest wines made in Washington by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

While researching at several grocery stores, I saw a vintage from this winery every time. Their wine retails around the $25 price point. They have a classic logo portraying and expensive tone and high quality.

I thought that label doesn’t appeal to a young audience, so I didn’t use any of their style elements. However, I discovered online that the winery also sells wines with a different design style. These styles include animals and geometric drawing patterns. I combined animal design and drawing to create my own label. I kept it simple black and white. The label has one different accent color on each different label. I named the bottle “Baby Deer”. As you know, baby deer is called a fawn, but I purposely kept it as “Baby Deer” because it is more memorable and makes the customer stop and think when they read the label.


4 by 5 Montage Picture

The assignment this week from production class was very interesting. We were asked to make a 4 by 5 montage image of our face. We were required to use a picture of our own face as the base image, and use 15 replaced images from other sources. To do this homework, I learned techniques how to change image resolution and how to use layer mask. I paid close attention to see objects as shapes after being giving this assignment. For example, a ball is round but the pattern of the ball has straight lines and I could use it as straight shape. This was great lesson to see different perspectives of objects.montage

Lake Union

Today, I went to Lake Union to inspire some fresh ideas. This place is my favorite place. There is a small resting area, and you can see the water and people canoeing. While I was enjoying myself there, two people came with their dogs. The owners threw the balls to their respective dogs. The dogs were very smart! They never tried to get the other dog’s ball and just concentrated on the owner. Two dogs got along and shared their play area but they did own things. It was fun to watch them!