Dance The Grey Away – a set of banner ads-

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For the New Media class this week we got to make banner ads (yay?) an instagram post and a facebook header(above) for a fake company or event.

I, like a lot of people, hate banner ads. But maybe this gives me an edge when designing them, that and the no parameters (besides size) factor was also really helpful. My first question to myself was what banner ad would I not be mad about, and through brainstorming and collaboration I think my team and I came up with some ads that I actually wouldn’t be annoyed to see.


The fake event we came up with was a weekend music festival that takes place in the dead of winter featuring colorful and dance educing bands. We wanted to create an image using both grey scale and bright colors, and after looking through flowers and water colors Nick suggested Alberto Seveso’s ink photographs. From there we broke off and did some brainstorming on our own. I came up with the idea of heads exploding from a color-overload and realized nuns would be the perfect contradictory image to a dance festival. 




Chloe gathered our inspiration together into this great mood board, the photo on the top right is hers, and inspired the colorful dance party to begin with.

From there we got to work. I took on the creation of the imagery (which was a challenge because I don’t have any experience in photoshop) and Nick took charge of text.


We both had different visions going in, mine a little crazier, his a little cleaner, but we collaborated, smooshed our ideas together and came out with something that made us both really happy. I love how his text treatment balances out and works with my imagery. He also kept me grounded during my struggles with photoshop, and made sure we were staying within the branding we had set for ourselves.



I am really happy with the end result…


I really enjoyed making banner ads this week.


I didn’t think I’d ever say that.