A Visual Lineage.

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After months of finding images, citing sources, researching artists and everything else that went into this project, I am done!  The assignment was to find 140 pieces from art history and  present them in any printed medium we wanted, with any organizational scheme we felt like.  I knew from the beginning I wanted to make a book. I also knew that I had no idea how to make a book, and that process ended up being incredibly fun! In a past life I made a magazine, and really wanted to perfect bind it myself, but  didn’t have the resources to figure it out, so this process was extra satisfying.  For the organization I decided to do reflections throughout history, so images that look similar or are interesting to look at together.


Here is a sneak peek at my process:IMG_3664

I got to use a power tool and glue, and then had to dig deep into something I struggle greatly with… patience.


Then, added the cover, glue…

and some more patience.


Then this terrifying book cutter, which uses an estimated 1500 pounds of pressure to cut the book, and will definitely cut your hand off chopped my bleed off. IMG_3697

And here she is! I am really happy with the result.