It’s business, it’s business time

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This quarter we are taking our first type class, and I am excited because I love type, but I always take way too long choosing a typeface, and honestly, after just a few weeks that process is already sped up.

This assignment was to design a letter mark and business card for ourselves. Designing for myself is always difficult, so of course I went through a lot of designs before landing on one. I wanted to show my playful personality and my experimental design sense, but keep it looking professional. Some of my previous designs got good critique in class, but I was still unhappy with them. The final one came to me about 24 hours before the due date, and I am pretty happy with the result!

MelodyHirschCard MelodyHirschCard2


I am also currently teaching myself After Effects, which I am falling in love with. So Friday when I was home sick, missing class for the first time, I made this…