Chewing Gum for PMS relief WIP

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For our second assignment in packaging we were given the task of designing a gum packaging for a specific demographic for the upcoming brand Pur Gum. We pulled our demographics out of a hat and I ended up with pms relief. There s not currently a pms relief gum on the market, so that opened up the possibilities of what this gum could be. My automatic response was to go with something cheeky and cute, maybe cartoonish, but I held myself back and made a gum with Chinese Medicinal herbs.


One of the challenges of this project was to think about environmentally friendly packaging. I decided to get rid of individually wrapped gum and put it in a recycled paper box printed with soy ink. By taking the individual packaging away I was able to fit more pieces into about the same amount of materials. Ideally the small box could also be used after the gum is gone to hold tampons or other items.

gum packaging (1)_Page_1

For the final design I wanted to keep it feminine, but not too medical, and definitely keep it from looking like all of the menstrual products women already have to carry around with them. I also wanted to focus on the medicinal herbs in the gum, and give it a sense of natural healing. Final photos to come!