Vivo Cleaning Products

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For our last project in Packaging I created a line of cleaning products. We were allowed to choose our own demographic, and there has been a lot of conversations about that in school lately. Most of us tend to head toward our own demographic, or the demographic of someone close to us. I decided for this project to try to steer away from that. I also wanted to reach outside the normal cleaning product demographic by designing with men in mind. Specifically young men who live in condos.

So I started with a moodboard… perhaps my favorite moodboard I have ever made…

cleaning mood

I felt this style was young and masculine enough, while still giving a heavy nod towards being environmentally friendly. From here I iterated, and iterated, and didn’t save any of that to show you… next time I will remember to take more progress pics. Then I spray painted some Mrs Meyers bottles black and experimented with types of labels. Finally I decided on a final layout and label style. And here we are!