REI modular grid

For Typography II we had to create a modular grid and a match website to go along with it. My topic was REI. I decided to place icons instead of images as the main focal points. For the single page website I wanted to create something that looked very similar. I’ll attach a link below!

New personal website!

Hi everyone who reads this. I’ve kinda finished my personal website. This houses some of my featured projects as well as a little bit of coding I’ve been working on. If you’d like to check it out I’ll add a link below!

Summer internship

This summer I was able to luck out and find an awesome company would has allowed me to join the creative team. My main focus is helping with web design. I’m very excited about this oppurtunity and will try my hardest over the next few months to ensure I learn as much as I can about web design and branding. My first week they threw me right into the mix and gave me a project. I had to design the Lola restaurant website. I was given a general direction about where the finished product should look like. I was in charge of picking the colors and the type. I was kinda nervous about the project but in the end it was a really fun process and I’m glad to have been able to be apart of it. I’ll add some Illustrator mock-ups below so you can take a look. This site will also be fully responsive when it goes live by next week!


LG-Break-Home MD-Break-Home-03 SM-Break Home-04

Seattle Central website

For new media me and three other classmates had to create a campaign to help advertise the Creative Academy. We wanted to keep it simple and create a logo and campaign that would stand the test of time. I was in charge of web design and content strategy. The website isn’t perfect but as always I learned a ton about HTML and CSS. I’m hoping to revisit this project this summer and really finish the website. I’ll add a link below if you’re interested in seeing the logo and the website.

Summer Time

This marks the end of the first year of school. It’s been a wild ride but well worth it. Now that summer has offically arrived I have lots to do. My summer plans are to create 25 brands and then code 25 websites. These can be anything from simple clothing brands to something more modern. I’m really looking forward to this and can’t wait to get started. Check out my personal website for more information.

Packaging – Who Knew?!

It only took about 6 years of being interested in design to finally do my first packaging project. Well kinda, my first project for my packaging class was a simple wine label. I was given the task to create a wine label that would cater to 21 to 35ish adults. I first dove into the research of various wine bottles that I would like to see on the shelf. I was then given my vineyard, which was purple cow… I know what you’re thinking and I had the same thought. Throw a purple cow on this SOB and lets call it a day. And I did just that but then took a step back and didn’t really like what I saw. So back to the drawing board, literally. My teacher Robynne Raye gave me some really great advice with about a week left to go. She told me if you’re not willing to try new things as a designer and push yourself out of your comfort zone then you’re not really being the best designer you can be. I knew I always struggled with illustration so I took Robynne’s advice to heart and started drawing. I drew close to 50 or so cow heads. It was a really great process, I played with different techniques and drawing tools. I learned so much about myself and honestly really gain so much confidence in my illustration skills. Will I do illustration for every project from here on out? No, let’s face it I need to keep practising. This project was really great though because it was a great stepping stone into my future illustration abilities.


The finished wine bottles were spray painted by me. That white graffiti on the side of the building just happened to be a “appear” at the same time as this project. The labels were designed by myself and I tried to use as little purple as possible. Mostly as a challenge to myself. The top would have been a nice matte purple foil if I had the ability to finish it with the right tools. At the end of the day I’m really pleased with this project and it turned out really great thanks to the wonderful photography skills of Zeb. Check out the finished pieces!!! I sure did.



Seattle Foundation Believe Project



Every year the Seattle Foundation at Seattle Central College raises tons of money for future and current college students. This money is raised over the course of the year and then is given to different student who apply and are awarded scholarships. For our new media class we were assigned a to create a video that would be used at the Believe Event. This event was attended by more than 400 people around the Seattle area. My team consisted of three other very talented designers.

For the video we wanted to focus on the part of Seattle Central not many people know about and made up the majority of the school’s general population.  The programs we decided to highlight were the Business Information Technology department, general Business, and the Apparel design program. We had one outstanding student from each one of these programs. We set up times and interviewed them and asked them all the same questions. “What brings you to Seattle Central” was the first question we asked. This question gave us such great answers that we practically based our entire video around this question. I was apart of the editing, storyboarding, filming, and concept creation. This was also a great team building exercise and I’m always happy to work in teams to get the best results.

The link to video is at the top of the post and I hoped you enjoyed the video.

International Typographic Style


Studying the International Typographic Style was such a great learning experience. Learning how to deconstruct the grid and see how different hanglines and flowlines created such a powerful design. We were given three topics to choose from, teas for health, Dancing through 5 decades, and 5 Rum drinks for summer time. I thought 5 rum drinks would be a great topic because summer is right around the corner and I had so many ideas coming to my mind right away. After breaking down the ITS I noticed the designs I was drawn too had large focal imagery with supporting text near the bottom or around the edges. Four to five column grids were usually used to organize the information as well as the copy. I went with a five column grid with a tight margin around the edges. The large five consists of different geometric lines that point downward to bring the viewer into the “meat” of the poster. The lines extending outwards were placed there to represent the rays of sun.

I’m really happy with this project and the finished size is roughly 15 by 20. I hope to change some of the information around and hang this poster on my wall. Something about this buzzfeed style of wording doesn’t fit the vibe I’m going for in my room.

Digital Painting of Montana

With a new quarter starting and lots of new things to learn, I was really excited to be learning photoshop above all. I’ve tried in the past to learn about photoshop and the seamlessly unlimited amount of stuff one could do with this program but always seemed like I was missing the basics. Our first project was an interesting one to say the least. I had to choose a landscape and use 6 different brushes. The brushes were typographic elements that has already been chosen for use. Here are the brushes.


After I converted all the vector shapes into brushes I just dove right in. Using a Wocam tablet I started painting different layers and sections of the painting. I decided to paint a picture I took while on spring break earlier this year. It’s a photo of the Madison Valley just outside of Bozeman, Montana.


It was kinda meditative. I spent probably close to 15 hours over the course of a week digitally painting this picture. It was a lot of fun though and I would try this technique in the future again. Here is the final painting, it’s 8 inches by 8 inches. 


Double Album – Emancipator

After a long few weeks of trial and error I was finally able to finish one of the coolest projects I’ve worked on this quarter. For our type class with Jill we were able to pick any band we wanted to create a double album. I then had to go out and find song lyrics and some information about the band. I decided on one of my favorite artists at this time. Emancipator, he’s only one guy named Doug Appling who is based out of Portland, Oregon. He has some of the greatest music I’ve heard. His style is unique and creates a great listening experience. He only has one song that has lyrics to so I had to go out and find poems for the different songs. I tried to find songs that I thought would relate to the song.

My design was simple but it didn’t start out that way. I played with many different ideas and concepts. I wanted to try and tell two stories with one design. The first story, using the bitmap image on the cover comes clearer when you view it from a distance. I got this idea from a friend who told me that he enjoys displaying his album on a small stand while the music is being played. I thought that was really cool and I thought bitmapping an image would be a great way to show that. The second story, I wanted to also have a different experience when the viewer came closer to the album and actually interacted with it. By making the type really small on the inside I could then draw people in by making them interested in what they were looking at. The smaller type also creates a pattern itself from a distance which ties in nicely with the bitmap on the front.

Cover: I went with a picture of MT. Fuji in Japan. I went with this photo because Doug is inspired by nature. From his song titles to the cover art on his previous albums, nature is an influence for him. I thought this image turned into a really nice bitmap image as well. I went with red because I thought it captured the “collectable / fancy” feeling I was going for. Red and white really create a nice color palette that stands out. Emancipator is set in a nice modern serif font that nearly blends into the image but starts yelling at you as soon as you see it. It’s pretty small and lets the view discover it. The album titles are tucked away under the image and are to not really meant to be seen. The red triangle shape on the image is also thoughtful, Doug uses triangles on his newest album. After some research triangles are symbols for a lot of things including strength. The red was also chosen because of the significance of the color in Japanese culture. I didn’t want to give the wrong message by picking the wrong color.

The center fold was the funnest part. I really wanted to play with type and see how to take type and create a nice image. I called out some important information. The large quote in the middle really tells a good story about the band. The information in the upper right hand side is highlighted with information about the band. I also continued that feeling of bitmap with small sections of the red shapes. I wanted to keep a consistent feel from outside to inside.

Back cover is has the simplicity of the front cover and with typographic treatment of the inside spread. This breaks down the different sides of the albums as wells as calls out one of his more popular songs. The songs in red are the ones that are featured in red.

This was a great project with lots of things to think about. I’m really pleased with the outcome. The red came out a little too orange but at the end of the day I’m okay with it. I’ll add some of his music below so you can get an idea of it’s like.