Take it or Leave it


Last week we had the opportunity to show some of the work we’re thinking about including in our portfolios and get feedback from alumni of SCCA.


I met with a motion designer who works at Amazon and showed him a few of my motion pieces, including my animated typeface. His critique was great feedback that I’ll take into consideration while I’m cleaning up the after effects files. One great takeaway from speaking with him was that I should speed up all of my animation and tighten up the pause between the build and deconstruct.


This week I’ll be continuing to clean up the files and research how to add an easy color change selection so anyone can change the color of the type. It’s a little complex knowing how each form was created but hopefully I can figure it out!



Revisiting an animated type

This quarter in special topics I’ll be revisiting a project I worked on this summer.



GEOM is a typeface created by Danilo Gusmão Silveira in the spring of 2015. In the summer of 2016 I came across his Behance and Instagram pages and was completely inspired by his work. I was a fascinated by the intricate yet simple animations he’d created for the 4 letters that make up the name. Unfortunately he’d only animated those four and only build-up animations, no deconstruct animation.

GEOM original

I reached out to Danilo and proposed an idea. I’d finish animating his type in the style of the four original letters. Thankfully, he was really into the idea and gave me his blessing.


After completing the project in August, I wanted to revisit it and clean up some of the animations. Ideally, I’d like to release the animated set on Behance for anyone to download and use. This quarter it’ll be cleaning up the animation files and streamlining the motion. Wish me luck!

Geom Thanks

Boxcar Blooms: Final Video

What a journey this has been.

So much planning, moodboarding, scheduling, rescheduling, scouting, shooting, editing, reworking, adjusting, and reediting; it’s finally finished.

I present the final Boxcar Blooms video:

Boxcar Blooms from Casey Bilyeu on Vimeo.


Casey is currently using the video as a promotional piece for an IndieGoGo campaign she launched on Cyber Monday. If you’ve been following along with us on this adventure and feel compelled to give, Casey would love any donations from anyone.

Big Thanks to everyone involved!

Boxcar Blooms: Day of Shoot

The culmination of all our planning has arrived!

Wow. Planning, organizing, and executing a video+photo shoot is wild. There’s so much to keep track of. It’s an incredible combination of stress and excitement that I really enjoy.

Pano shot of the setup featuring 4 DIVA lights

Pano shot of the setup featuring four DIVA lights, two sliders, three cameras, two photographers, and our star, Casey with her flowers

The day went smoothly and much longer than anticipated. The place looked incredible and I can not wait to see what we’ve got!

Boxcar Blooms: Location Scouting

The boys made some updates to the barn since the previous images we’d seen, but the space was still exactly what we needed.

Darker walls but amazing windows

Darker walls but amazing windows


Casey, Victoria, and I sat down in the space and planned the entire video shoot schedule:

  • Arrive by 10 am
  • Arrange space
  • Shoot Interview portion
  • Shoot Arrangement Process portion
  • Shoot Walk-in shot/outside with trailer shots
  • Shoot still images of other arrangements for website


Fingers crossed, wish us luck!

Boxcar Blooms: Paper Products

Paper Products aren’t necessarily the most sexy.

But they’re needed for a business to have a cohesive brand identity.  Creating letterheads and envelope designs and business cards can be really boring; but therein lies tons of design decisions that an end user or customer wont notice if done well, but will notice if done poorly.

Casey and I have discussed brand colors/textures and have settled on classic black & white mixed with a tasteful amount of kraft paper. Kraft paper gives the brand a much needed warm, hand touch feel when paired with strictly black and white text/logo.



Boxcar Blooms: Location Location Location

We have high taste and a top ramen budget.

Originally the idea was to shoot outside at Casey’s home in Fall City, WA. The colors of the trees would be beautiful.

Unfortunately it would also be cold. and wet. and windy. The forecast for the next few weeks was unanimous: Washington State fall had arrived.

Looking at our moodboard an idea struck me. Some friends of mine had recently built a barn with a top floor full of windows and white walls specifically made for hosting. I immediately looked on their social media for images to confirm my memory.


After a short phone call, my friends happily let us use their space for free. These guys are angels.

I confirmed schedules with Casey and Victoria, and set plans to scout the location. On the outing we would make sure the location would work and plan out the shoot.

Boxcar Blooms: Video Idea

The scope of this project includes a short (less that 2 minutes) video that can introduce Casey and explain what Boxcar Blooms is. This video can, ideally, be used in several ways. It can live on the website I make as another lay of information. It can be a promotional piece used on social media. I can be used as marketing and advertising. Creating a video that accomplishes all these goals is quiet an undertaking and needs lots of direction.

I stumbled upon a video series earlier this year that I thought might just be perfect for what we are creating. It’s a series by SquareSpace that shows small business owners in their space, creating the things they create, with interwoven stories about themselves and their company. I thought a condensed version of this would be a perfect template for our video:

After discussing this with Casey and Victoria, both were on board with the concept and direction. We moodboarded what we wanted the video to look and feel like focusing on her process:


Next: find a location that matches our vision!

Boxcar Blooms: Blue the Trailer

Casey has named her trailer Blue.

She gave him a fresh coat of paint and has painted the logo on his sides.

Old School overhead projector ftw

Boxcar Blooms: Planning

The quarter is underway.

We’ve presented our ideas to the class, gotten the nod of approval from Marc, and are planning the next several weeks.

I will be designing all the paper products which will be a lot of research into printing costs and paper standards, but I also need to team up with a photographer who wants to shoot a video and some stills.

I met with Victoria, a photographer I’ve worked with in the past who I know can create magic. Thankfully she agreed to help out with this project.

Additionally, Casey and I have decided to have a weekly check-in phone call every Monday night. This will not only keep everything on track but will also give us time to discuss and changes or adjustments we need to make along the way.