Pegasus Website – Final

The website prototype is finished. This was a good to learning experience to go through designing a web design for a brand that I didn’t create. There will be some tweaks over the next few weeks, but the website should be a nice presence in their pop-up shop and portfolio.

View the prototype video via the screenshot below:


Pegasus Mid-Point

At this point in the Pegasus project we’ve established the visual direction and I’ve created a web moodboard for their brand. I’ve also worked through lo-fidelity wireframes and checked-in with Annette and Peter weekly to share progress and ask questions about their brand to make sure the digital direction is consistent with their brand.



Visual for Digital Style Guidelines:

Digital Brand Guidelines

Week 1: Spring Special Topics

This quarter I’m working with Annette & Peter on a website for their brand, Pegasus Brewing. By the end of this quarter there will a live Pegasus Brewing website that translates the brand to web.

Deliverables will include:

  • Research
  • Moodboard
  • Lo-fi wireframes
  • Hi-fi wireframes
  • Complete website launched!

At the end of this process my learning goals are to go through the web design process, use a custom web framework, and deliver a high-quality visual and technical solution for their brand.


Survey Results

Earlier this quarter, we did a survey to gauge the viability of a medication tracking device. Since we needed to rethink our market positioning, this was a way to makes sure that our specific features will be relevant for our demographic.

Here are our results.

These results helped inform brainstorming and iterative wireframes.

1.30: Baseball, Breweries, UX

Today in special projects, after a sprint with Mr Fadiman, I am working on building my brand for my baseball magazine concept.

By the end of today I will have my synopsis and begin to address the mission, vision, and values of the magazine concept. As well as a moodboard

I am also looking deeper into the interaction design of the pegasus brewing website.

Finally, I’m working with Nick to work through our research, problem statement, and solidify features of our device.


Here’s what’s going on today in special projects:

  1. Develop revised problem statement with Nick. update: revised problem statement here
  2. Compile and input survey questions for medication solution demographic. update:  survey here
  3. Begin research for baseball magazine. Article 1, Article 2, Article 3
  4. Lo-fi wireframe for Pegasus Brewing update: wireframe


Don Norman Did it First

So, it turns out, that Don Norman has been working with an Israeli start-up to work on a machine learning, hybrid-UI device that is working to solve the same UX solution we have also been working on. It’s called ElliQ.


However, our UX solution is slightly different as it work towards a solution to also dispense, track, and streamline medicine intake and safety. That’s probably where we’ll have to focus our UX and research moving forward.

We will be working on a plan in the next week moving forward to revise our direction and produce assets that solve a UX problem that is not currently on the market. It’s important to us that our solution is not redundant and pushes UX in terms of demographic and impact.

Pegasus Brewing Web Design & Development

This week Thursday I’ll be meeting with Peter Wogstad and Annette Borowski for our initial web design meeting. My goal is to design and develop a website that aligns with their brand guidelines and sets the stage for their web presence as a brewery and brand.

Special Projects: So Much I Want To Do

The past few days I’ve been brainstorming additional Special Projects that I can complete before Portshowlio. I’d like to work these into my work schedule over the next few months. Here’s an unordered list of potential concepts:

  1. Tamarack Cellars brand identity and web presence redesign
  2. Complete Westbrook Managerial Advisory Services branding
  3. An HTML + CSS coding pop-up book for toddlers
  4. A hybrid-UI approach to financial growth and management
  5.  Cinema 4D studies
  6. Travel calendars w/guides by region
  7. Improve the UX and delivery of current events, factual data,  and political discourse
  8. An open-source solution to museum curation
  9. Baseball magazine concept for the thoughtful fan
  10. Pegasus Brewing web design  + development
  11. Web Design prototype for book recommendations (can find at library or bookstores)

Decisions, decisions, decisions


Winter Quarter. I think I’ve been here before.

With a healthy amount of motivation, collaboration (and coffee) I’m ready to work hard this quarter.

I’m going to be working with Nick King on our UX project from Fall quarter. We are developing a UX solution to extend the stage of independence for elderly individuals. This quarter we plan to complete our user task flows, develop lo-fi wireframes, develop hi-fi wireframes, and build marketing collateral.

Onward and upwards,