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Numero Uno.

Shine by Three

A blog run by Margaret Zhang  A photographer, writer, stylist, jack of all trades.. some kind of super woman. She also models (she’s gorgeous.) In fact Margaret is in most of the images on the blog.. at the end of the posts she credits the makeup artists etc.. and the photographer.. but she states that she is the photographer. I’m confused. How? If these are all self portraits.. that shit is crazy. Amen.


(but really though.. are you taking these photos of yourself?)

Design wise I enjoy her blog, I like when you click on a post is takes you to page but the original text and image are in the same place as you last saw it and you proceed to scroll to see the story.

Its refreshing to see a blogger who is also a talented photographer. In her portfolio section its easy to see that she has developed strong technical skills and definitely has her own style that carries through all of her projects. Below are some of her images.

She is also a lovely writer, and speaks thoughtfully on her subjects with a playful spritz. Seems like a cool woman. You go girl.

Shine By Three




We Heart

WE♥ is an online magazine. They like to talk about Art, Lifestyle, Design and Travel. I like them for it.

The write ups are not excruciatingly long. They are to the point and with some sass. I’m with it. Lots of lovely pictures cited from different photographers who are always credited. (YAY) annnnd they link you to related articles at the bottom of each post. The layout is easy to navigate and playful, full of color.

Many of their posts are like a portal to a list of articles related to the topic they are featuring. For example their feature on what they call some of the most creative ceramic artists.  We Heart – Creative Ceramics

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.20.22 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.19.45 PM

No topic is really out of question, however I will say there is hardly anything on food, but they do cover the recent changes playboy is making in their marketing so maybe that makes up for it.

It is a great place to learn about new artists, spaces, cities and the likes.

I heart it.

We Heart





What a great resource. I have been using the blog for years now, when I’ve had ideas but didn’t necessarily know what steps I should take to make them a reality. I generally refer to tutsplus when I am trying to figure out a video technique or just play around and learn some new stuff.

They offer online courses on 3d Motion, Web Development, Photography, Video, Computer Skills, Business, Web Design and the list continues. They used to have way more free lessons, but I guess they figured out that they had a good thing going and why not make money? Below is the current pricing and what access you get with each option.

Tutsplus Pricing

I personally think it is totally worth it and a great alternative to going to school when you don’t have the time or money, or really just aren’t sure if its something you want to commit to. And you can become a multidisciplinary genius that everyone will want to hire, cause your fucking awesome.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.22.32 PM

What could be better than that?

I am going to be using tutsplus soon.. like this week… to begin my journey of learning Cinema 4D :0
Wish me luck!


Victoria, out.



Alive & Well

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A conversation with Marcus Lalario, Co Owner and Co Founder of Alive & Well.


How did Alive & Well start?

“Alive & Well is a brand that me and my friend George Otto started about 5 years ago. It was meant to be a brand, not a store but as we were developing the concept and the idea we decided we wanted to open up a storefront because there were a lot of brands nationally and internationally that we respected. Friends of ours that we wanted to carry, and by putting our brand next to their brand and helping them out they help us out, and so we became a store more so than we anticipated.

What does the remodel signify?

As of our 4 year anniversary we remodeled the shop and kind of pulled back a little bit to focus more on our brand, but we are still carrying few friends brands that are hard to find locally. I think by focusing on our brand we don’t have to be stressed out worrying about others peoples shit. We can focus creatively on what we are trying to do. The messages we are trying to say. The stories we are trying to tell and allows us to be a little more creative with what we do.

What kind of stories?

It could be any stories, it could be a political message.. it could be a message about partying, it could be a message basically saying fuck you. I mean whatever were feeling. It also depends on the collaboration we are doing. You do certain things that fit certain brands more so than your own. With Ebbotts Field we went baseball heavy. We have a Carhartt collection that is very simple and minimal. We have Fools Gold collection that is a little more geared to music and DJ culture. Everything varies our own brand we try to keep clean and crisp and have a few messages here and there but its just mainly the message of Alive & Well.

Whats the message of Alive & Well ?

Alive and Well, you know everyone is like of you guys are so positive and this that and the other thing. Alive & Well obviously has a positive connotation. But for us its.. the best and the worst case scenario.








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I need to start making collages again. Below is a collage I made as way to visualize a shoot I wanted to do. Just scrounged the web for photos and photoshopped them together. I find this to be a very effective way of getting the image from my mind into a physical visible space.

Special thank you to the people who built the internet, for the internet.

 Apple's Person With Folded Hands + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2


Masterpiece emulation

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One of my current projects is to recreate a painting through photography.

I am going to be doing a painting by  MALCOLM T. LIEPKE.

I am having a hard time deciding which one to actually do.. I love all of his paintings.

I already have someone who looks similar to this woman.

I am hoping this will turn out well. I will post the results when it is done!

c6604444ff8819f93db802c15e09fa80Malcolm-Liepke-American-Painter-contemporary-Figurative-painting-oil-painting (3)Malcolm-Liepke_web9Malcom T. Liepke


Self Portrait

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A couple weeks ago we were assigned to shoot a self portrait.

Revealing something of ourselves that our classmates may not have known about us.

My self portrait is meant to visualize a health issue I have which is called Hypothyroidism.

Basically my thyroid doesn’t do shit. I feel slow.. I am slow, I mumble, can’t sleep, always tired, gain weight easily.

Always forget to blog…. :\

A recipe for disaster. My doctor was actually shocked that I was even functioning ( getting out of bed ) She also said she had never had a patient with a more dysfunctional thyroid than me (great.) So its been an ongoing battle, I have to take medication to compensate for my thyroid not producing the hormone T4. Slowly but surely I am feeling better but I still have my days, weeks, and months of just feeling slow.

ahh. what is life.

Something you didn’t know.

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We are all familiar with the tragic story of Titanic, and more so the movie, with a young Leonardo DiCaprio. (swoon)

But… what you may not know is that the night of the iceberg crash, crew members did not have access to any binoculars. They were locked in a locker and the key was no where to be found. Having these binoculars would of possibly stopped the tragedy from happening.


David Bowie

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Honestly, I really don’t know much about David Bowie. He had a lightning bolt on his face. I wonder if that influenced J K Rowling with Harry Potter…. (probably not)



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Anything can inspire me. Wether it makes me happy, sad or angry, inspiration exists everywhere.. I think even if I didn’t want to feel it I wouldn’t be able to stop.


Recently  Nabil, a director who is originally from Australia now residing in LA has inspired me quite a bit.

Video 1