ux story board

This was on of my UX storyboard’s for interactive III,

This storyboard is illustrating a situation and conflict that the user could potentially run into, and then presenting a “Blue Sky”solution.


story board 2

SCCA Branding Video

This was our video shot and edited by Cameron Munn  for the SCCA branding project. I think this video was very strong because it’s  unique and informational,  it also used no video footage just pictures!  i thought that was also pretty cool and a good way to be creative, hope you enjoy!

Pur Gum Packaging

This was a really fun project for my  packaging class, i had an assigned demographic of athletic young adults and a  a brand name Pur Gum that uses all natural aspartame-free ingredients in their gum . I thought by adding a natural caffeine like tea, it would  resignate well with my demographic  while still staying true to the Pur gum brand. For the design, i was inspired by other athletic active brands like Nike and Red bull and  adapted their high-contrast color scheme to  give it and energetic feel and make it  stand out on the shelf.


2 down one up


Screenshot (3)

here’s a landscape i painted Photoshop using  brushes made from letters and punctuation.

assignment from my production class