Online shop

I wasn’t too sure how to show or create an online shop for Sans Avec. When I talked to some alumni at “Take it or Leave it” they suggested creating a Squarespace site. Since I’d never tried making a Squarespace site before I was hesitant, but decided to give it a try. Although the ability to style the page is restrictive compared to wordpress it is a lot quicker to get a site running and looking polished. I’ve started to design the site and plan it out. I’m looking forward to getting the pictures of the models to put into the site along with some product shots.



Photo shoot

I’ve been working with Chrissie getting ready for the lifestyle photoshoot with my earrings. We went shopping for clothes for them to wear. Going by my photoshoot moodboard we found some vintage black clothes. Chrissie is great at styling.
The shoot went well, but it was difficult to get the lighting right for the jewelry. Because jewelry is small and because my pieces are acrylic the light need to hit them just so. The most difficult pieces are the clear acrylic. Although they look fantastic in person they are nearly impossible to photograph. I think we’ll have better luck when we take pictures of them on their own.

Here’s a quick snap I took of one of the models at the shoot.

Arc en ciel - earrings
Arc en ciel – earrings

It’s the final coundown

It’s amazing how much one can mess around with things like business cards and branding. I’ve got another draft business card for Sans Avec and I think I’m close. I also messed around more with earring cards. I printed some marble and put the earrings on them and I like it. I’m thinking that may work well for styling the earrings when I shoot them with Chrissie as well. First though I need to get a fashion shoot scheduled. We looked at some models and I’m hoping we can get a firm date soon. I wish I could get 3 models with various looks and ethnicities. I’ll have to do that in the future. Better get back to it. Let’s go!


More designs

I’ve enjoyed playing around with more designs and combining shapes and colors. Sometimes things I think are great don’t work well at all or I try something that I’m very unsure of and it ends up with a great result.



I spent a lot of time figuring out what acrylic colors I should order, especially because I’d like to mix the colors to create new earrings. I ordered 4 colors and I’m excited to see how they turn out. Here are some of the colors I was considering. Ponoko_Colors


I contacted a photography student about taking photos of my jewelry and didn’t hear a response, but I happened to be wearing some of my earrings in the Production Lab and someone else saw them and is interested. I’m hoping it works out.

Here’s a mood board of what I’d like my photos to look like.



While waiting for orders to arrive so that I can make more earrings I’ve been working on branding. Having Jill’s branding class right now helps with that a great deal too. I enjoy branding more than figuring out all the details for the jewellery, though having the jewellery done is really satisfying. At any rater, here are a few things I’ve been playing around with.






I ordered my 3D printed earrings and more acrylic colors and will need to order some wire for earring hooks. I’m looking forward to seeing how the turn out and planning a photoshoot.

Triangle earrings
Triangle earrings

New Acrylics
New Acrylics

One Step

I spent all day last week prepping a file to have brass machined, but am rethinking it. The cost is quite high, a lot of material is wasted and there is a lot of finishing needed. Yesterday I worked on a 3D model of a pair of my earrings that I’ll send out to be made. I’ll see how well they turn out and have more made if it works out. Working in Rhino can be really frustrating because it’s so new to me. I’m looking forward to learning more as I go.

Getting there
Getting there
Not quite right
Not quite right