Shawty God

I’m all about supporting local artists, if an artist needs promo pics for their work, I never say no.. although that should probably change. Preston was very sweet and told me I should definitely start charging for my work, telling me people will think it’s worth it.

A photoshoot that chain re-acted off of the last post!

I’m the type of person who’s always taking pictures of my friends!

And then my friend’s see photos I’ve taken of my other friends and want their pictures taken. :-)

A video so amazing I could cry

Why are DSLR backpacks so expensive!?

Like, I understand it’s supposed to be something waterproof that’s able to protect gear, but I didn’t know a normal backpack with an insert of something that looks like a cotton cup holder to carry my camera body and lenses would drive up the price a couple hundred bucks!!

My dream backpack:


As a photographer, of course it would be amazing to be Instagram famous, but it’s not everything! I discovered the site ‘500px’ through a friend, which is kind of the new Flikr in my opinion, and I started an account. What I like about this site is that they give you awards for your images based off of the quality, amount of likes, and views! My images have been really taking off on there! I’ve scores several “most populars” and “upcomings” and even a couple editors choices that have scored me thousands of views! I hope people start sponsoring photographers off of this site!

This quarter has taught me that I really really enjoy portrait photography! I won a little award for this photo~

I can see how our color profile class comes in handy…

I’m seeing how off the color profile is when I want to upload images here! Sucks! (I promise my photos don’t look this ugly)UrbanFarm-0273-2 UrbanFarm-0273

Moon bottles!

Teamed up with Peter Wogstad to capture these beautiful moon themed wine bottles! I have a passion for moon cycles and the astrology behind it, so I thought it would be really cool do the photos for these! Plus, they match my finger tattoos!!IMG_1000 IMG_1049 IMG_1057

I finally did it.

I’ve always wanted a record player, and have always been super on the fence about it… It would be amazing to have, especially a cute suitcase one to carry around to parks in the summer. But me, being such a music nerd, I would be broke literally all the time expanding my collection. In my product photography class I thought it would be an amazing idea to center my entire catalogue around a record player, for which I would borrow my brother’s for each assignment, halfway through the quarter I decided to buy my own, I thought it would be a good excuse! Each week I’ve bought myself a new record since then. This is going to be so dangerous.IMG_0947