Zoo trip!

Faith surprised us late in the quarter with a much needed break from the fluorescent lights and stale air after these past weeks. As a group of 12 or so, we made our way to the woodland park zoo for an afternoon with all the little critters. I finally felt like I had a chance to cruise around with my camera and shoot as I please. Which was very needed and refreshing. Here are some of my favorites from that day. 964A4575 964A4734 lion final edit lone wolfff otter standing-3

Visual Metaphor

Here is a piece I did for conceptual class. The idea comes from a recent frustration and anger I have been having towards large corporations and the disregards of climate change. I believe the photo pretty much speaks for itself. Take a look.964A4201

Synergy Health

Another one of the funnest and hardest projects this quarter was the drug store in Erik’s module. Tim, Tan, Danny and I came together to create something I think we are all super proud of. We created Synergy Health,  a new age drugstore offering a more minimal, interactive, and friendly approach to the modern drugstore. For 5 weeks straight we worked hard to create a website, mobile app, 30 second promo video, lifestyle photos,  and a full pop up shop to show off our creation! Through the grueling experience I became close friends with my teammates, learned a lot about design,  photoshop, and how to work well under stress! city ig (1 of 1)

Fashion Collaboration

One of the biggest assignments this past quarter was our collaboration with the apparel design program. We were assigned to 2 designers with 1 garment each to photograph. I ended up having one shoot with a model and one as just a product. Having never done anything like this before ever, I was quite stressed out and didn’t really have any idea of what to. Luckily, both of the designers I worked with were extremely helpful and we got some awesome stuff!

cameron_munn_fashioncollab final web (4 of 6)

Week 2, 9 light.

Week 2 introduced me to strobes for the first time. This was somewhat terrifying, especially given our assignment. We were to photograph each other from 9 different positions, 3 different heights, and 3 different modifiers. This resulted in 200 and something images all to critique and learn from. While I was initially intimidated at first, it ended up being a fantastic lesson and I learned a ton! Here is the final image after learning about some of the techniques. anderson_white_munn_final

Quarter Recap. Week 1.

Wow, it seems I missed out on blogging this quarter a bit. That might just say something about how busy the past 11 weeks have gone by! Looking back the beginning of the quarter, I started off by showing some of the images I was proud of from over winter break. Here are some of the shots from then!! cameron_munn_2017_PHO122_HPI_05 cameron_munn_PHO122_HPI_01 cameron_munn_PHO122_HPI_02 cameron_munn_PHO122_HPI_03 cameron_munn_PHO122_HPI_04 cameron_munn_PHO122_HPI_05 cameron_munn_PHO122_HPI_06

How to Photograph an Egg.

The last assignment of our Digital Capture Techniques class treated us to a very creative assignment to photograph an egg in whichever way we please. This assignment really challenged my conceptual thinking and creative side. I struggled with coming up with unique ideas and finding a way to execute them. In typical Cameron Munn fashion, I seemed to get a little lucky and saw a new perspective on the egg. I present the Astro Egg. Space-Egg

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