Final Project in New Media

In faith’s class for our final project, we were asked to pair up and make a video with the theme of “energy”. Joe and I ended up pairing cause of the same interested on focusing on nature. I was able to do a few days of shooting at Volunteer Park as well as Discovery Park. I had a hard stabilizing my shots but was able to get a few that I like. It was also hard to work with the weather.

Videography and me

My experiences as a videographer have only been with what I’ve with my time at Seattle Central and a video portrait project the art non-profit does called “These Faces” where we as random people on the street, “who are you, where are you from, and where are you going?”.

I’m looking forward to learning more about storytelling alongside more about premier.

Here is video of my first project:

Steven of “St.Yuma”

Stevan Alva is a 25 years old talented artist. Playing music under St. Yuma. Stevan sometimes plays with his band and sometimes by himself. He moved to Seattle from Bakersfield, CA recently, to join a challenging music industry.


Stevan was born and grew up in a farming community in Bakersfield, CA. of the Central Valley of California. Now, he lives in Capital Hill, Seattle as his base for his future.

“I love the city and love the scenery. People are great and coffee is better.”


Playing live shows motivates Stevan. As well as attending live shows and meeting new people.

Stevan started playing music when he was 20 years old. The first instrumental he picked up was a bass but it didn’t work out, so picked up guitar and started writing songs. His first song he wrote was when he was 5 years ago. He hasn’t stopped ever since then.

“Grew up there and music scene was little weird mainly metal music or country music.“


The music scene that Stevan grew up in was mainly metal and country. Stevan said he was probably influenced by both kinds of music somehow, but he didn’t pick either.

“It’s been a crazy journey in 2015.”



Stevan tried to move here once, but didn’t work out. In 2015, Stevan decided that he wanted to keep playing in Seattle and moved back. Stevan has been able to play shows with the band or by myself in different places around Seattle. It’s been a great joy for his journey this far with the band.


“Have you ever considered stopping making music?”


“All the time.”


“It’s really hard to continue to write or to make music, to create. Sometimes, you just want to quit, but like I said, I don’t think you can. Because when I think I’m not creating or when I ‘m thinking or considering quitting music all together. It ‘s like haunting. There is this haunting, creative spiritual things happen inside an you are like, “I want to quit.”, but I can’t I don’t know how to.”





“WA vs CA ?”

“WA vs CA for me is like Seattle vs Bakersfield. It’s like there is no comparison. BaStevan continued his answer while laughingkersfield is desert, but slash farmland, so Seattle to me is like city and music is already happening here .I don’t really have to go anywhere. Just step outside the door and it’s there.”

IMG_7160 IMG_7161IMG_9284


Tree of Life Popup Show

A week ago all our hard work in new media paid off! We are to do our tree of life popup show. Being able to get my first exposure to developing app was a awesome experience.

12508752_10203923237321678_6883886903151454219_n 12654551_10203923237601685_1244921979701424431_n

Type Creation Hippo

One of my classes we were asked to learn to see type that best fits for a particular animal. I chose a hippo, her name is Ethel.


Tree of Life – Moodboard

In my new media class, we have been assigned to create a brand for a high end pharmaceutical drug store. My group came up with the name “Tree of Life” here is our mood board with the direction we are going in. moodboard_treeoflife

After Effects Introduction

Today we were introduced to adobe after effects in my new media class, this is something I made.

Banner Ad Assignment

In my new media class I was asked to create a digital ad campaign for a company or event of my choice. It was to be used as a advertising campaign that would live on The
Seattle Times website as well different social media platforms.





ruben-perez-instragram-screenshotruben-perez-seattletimeruben-perez-moodboard copyruben-perez-instagram

The People’s Picture Project

Samuel Warren:


This is Sam, Sam has lived on Capitol Hill for a short 7 months. He previously was living in Los Angeles. His least favorite thing about Capitol HIll is the popular amount of coffee shops and pizzerias. Sam loves japanese cuisine, particularly miso tonkotsu ramen at Kukai Ramen on Capitol Hill. Sam’s dream is to visit Japan, he is in love with high moral and family valued culture. He as well enjoys the pop culture there, being a admit Japanese drama addict. From trying to visit through the military to through school, Sam hasn’t had the opportunity to visit but know someday he will.


Gena Forrest:


This is Gena, Gena has lived on Capitol Hill for the past 9 years, her favorite thing about Capitol Hill is the easy access to all the different shops, restaurants, and everything inbetween. Her least favorite thing about Capitol Hill is the growing homeless community. With all the fast development and growth in Seattle, Gena notices changes the past years but see it as a good thing.


Zach Alva:


This is Zach, Zach has lived on Capitol Hill for the past year, his favorite thing about Capitol Hill is the easy access to all great parks, his favorite in particular is Volunteer Park. His least favorite thing about Capitol Hill is the high cost of living from all the fast development and growth in Seattle.


Stevan Alva:


This is Stevan, Stevan has lived on Capitol Hill for the past three weeks, his favorite thing about Capitol Hill is all the amazing coffee shops and bars, Capitol Cider and Bauhaus to name a few. Being aspiring musician, his least favorite thing about Capitol Hill is the high cost of living from all the fast development and growth in Seattle.

“Shelter” Trailer

Last week for my new media class, I was asked to team up with some of my classmates and create a trailer for a film that a monologue create by one of my classmates. With not having a lot of opportunities to use premiere it was a good learning experience. We were able and ambitious enough to try and shoot and edit all in the same day.


Not realizing the task we had undertook, I think it was a fun and good learning experience. I also learned that I really like video editing and writing monologues.