Working with Modular Grids

Our final assignment for Type II was to create a modular grid designed mailer for REI outdoor and recreational classes. I wanted to do something unique, using imagery and shapes to correspond to each class. And I wanted the inside of the mailer to fold out in a full spread.

Here’s the outside:outside

And the inside spread:


It was difficult finding images to match the shapes, but in the end, I’m very proud of it (despite it being really weird).

Seattle Central Creative Academy Campaign

New Media Project #3: Create a 30 second commercial and ad campaign for SCCA.

This was a difficult project at the beginning. We all wanted to try a campaign that would draw in young students from the rest of the school and hopefully create a more diverse and unified Seattle Central College.

Coming up for an idea (in 30 seconds) was difficult in the amount of time we had, so our team ended up going with a more broad message. Despite this, I was proud of what we created and it was great working with Tomoko, Gabby, Aigul, and Susan.



Momentum – A Fitness App

This was my first crack at designing an app, along with a team of classmates for Eduardo’s class. It was a long process, but I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to working with apps in the future (though hopefully nothing fitness related).

m1 m2 m3



This was a crazy project and I had a great time working with Doh and Nick on it. This New Media assignment had a “lighter” tone after our more serious assignment for the Seattle Central Foundation. We were given a fake, random name and then had to choose a random object off a table. We ended up getting this little gun that shoots a fan.



After some brainstorming, I came up with the idea of using the gun a a launching pad, using it to launch people into space. We thought about going with a dystopic look and feel, maybe with some dark humor thrown in like the Fallout universe.

I’m a complete newbie to after effects, so I worked on other projects like painting the toy, shotlist, storyboarding, doing the AE text while Doh and Nick took on the special effects of the “SailAir” in the distance shots.

In the end, our idea was paired down a lot, with only one minute to work with. Our copy text shrunk more and more until we got to the essence of what we were going for.

Painting with Type

Jason’s recent assignment seems strange. We were to use only the following icons to paint a landscape in Photoshop: &*p3@m+!


Turning these icons into brushes was easier than I expected. I’ve been painting with my Surface tablet all year now, but this exercise (and Jason’s lessons on brushes) has really improved my artwork already. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can paint up this summer with this newfound knowledge.

Here’s my final work, a scene from the Seattle Arboretum, painted using these icons:


Seattle Central Foundation Video: Within Reach

Tasked with creating a promotional video for the donors at Seattle Central Foundation, Inmi, Aigul, Alex, and I decided on a silent film with strong visuals. We wanted to show a metaphor for the financial struggles students face while going to school, but also show hope and express how much difference a donation can make on a student’s life.

Creating a Wine Label

Abbey Creek Vineyard was the winery assigned to me for my first Package Design project. I was to create two different wine labels. Abbey Creek is an family owned vineyard that used to sell their grapes to local wineries until 2006 when they decided to create their own label.

I did a few sketches to see what direction I wanted to go…


Sketch 1

Sketch 3

The name Abbey Creek struck me as a name from The Hobbit or some fantasy book, so I decided to work with my first sketch of the drawn watercolor map. I also liked the idea of the label wrapping all the way around and creating a river, so I began working on a design around those concepts.


My first sketch and early iterations had Abbey Creek split between the river, but even with ends of both labels being close, it still made the name look disjointed. So I changed the design to include all the main text on the left side of the “river” and the barcode and copy text on the other side.

The biggest challenge was aligning the label and the river once it was printed and cut (because of it’s unusual shape).  But after a bit of struggling and tries, both labels came out great!

wine bottles

Photo Self Portrait

Jason asked us over break to collect photos to use in a Photoshop exercise in masks. We were to use photos of objects to mask our face, while still keeping the shape.

I wanted to use things from nature and other objects that I love (books). I ended up skewing far more to the nature side than intended, including shots from many of my favorite hiking spots. In the end, I think it was successful project, though finding the right photos was far more difficult than learning Photoshop masking.


Astro Deconstructed


In the midst of the craziness that is final project week, I have this polygon portrait of Astro to motivate me and keep my spirits up.


And radioactive zombie Astro:


Adventures in Video Editing

I’ve always been a huge fan of film making and I’ve always dreamed about making my own movies or short films. Since I’ve learned Premier Pro, I’ve grown to love editing video and watching the outcome. Unfortunately, when it comes to filming, I don’t have a lot of experience with cameras beyond my cell phone.

I’m looking forward to learn how to use DSLR cameras in new media class in the next few weeks. In the meantime, here’s my directorial debut short “Astro’s Day Out” filmed on my Galaxy S4 smartphone.