Quote Status

My notecards and envelopes have a tidy case to live in now, with images of the series on the back and an open front to view the foremost card. My priority for the back was to make clear that there are 12 different cards included in the set, and to give a preview of some.

I had fun designing the mini-notebooks too, which feature items and characters from the series forward-facing on the front, but as viewed from behind on the back.

I made several test-versions of each product, to figure out the best sizing, folds, and layout. I’ll continue to work on the series, creating more illustrations of course but also stickers and a postcard set.

Winter Fashion


I’ve finished one more illustration & now have a total of twelve. I’ll be printing this one out and designing packaging for the set next!

Quote of the Day Goes to Portshowlio

Over the next six weeks I will continue to develop my Quote of the Day project. I’ll be tidying up some text and line weights, creating one more illustration so I have a series of twelve, designing a closure sticker for the envelope, packaging for the cards and envelopes to live in, a packaged postcard series, and mini-notebooks as well. It’s been a fun project and I’m excited to build it out further.

Quote of the Day You Can Write On

This week I made my Quote of the Day illustrations into cards, and designed envelopes for them.

Envelope sketches:



Foldable envelope and insert:amyray_QotD_envelope-fixings

Finished product!


Questions I Ask Myself

The way to come up with answers is to ask questions. So, in figuring out what to create for my Quote of the Day illustrations, my notes include a lot of questions.

For example:

Maybe show them as characters from their other films? Ex: Chris Pine with a Starfleet badge, Casey Affleck with a cowboy hat.. Eh, the others don’t have a “thing”.

What makes someone pretty? Google “pretty” and there are a lot of selfie photos, but that would equate pretty with self-absorbed & fixated. Eyelashes? Hearts show adored. Label them with names? Show the star rating but as hearts! Because I don’t want to eyelash them.

How do you exceed appropriate sexiness for something? Honey labeled “Very Sexy Honey.” Include a microphone with lyrics about things bears like? Icons of fish, honey, moss.. “Oh no, I only like moderately sexy things.” Someone covering the ears of a bear in water.

How do you show a “full meal”? Balanced breakfast?

How are things shown chronologically? Timeline. How are dates shown if out of order? Lineup of aliens, “Will you please switch with me?”

What does it mean to learn violence? Study a book of violence? Weapons, weapon math problem.

Someone at side saying, “Oh, no fair!” about a guy with a beard. But what kind? How about a 70s-stache? How to show qualifying factor of handsomeness?

What are things that don’t work out?

What are others reasons you can be surprised?


Face Rules


Bear Talk


Solving Problems


Fruitful Affection


Alien Order