Solstice Promo Video!


In the international community, the U.S. has dropped significantly in it’s students understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Societal pressures at school and home can often make young women feel like they don’t belong.

It is becoming increasingly important  to understand the S.T.E.M. subjects to gain better job placement.

While the number if women in biology , chemistry and math have increased in recent years, the gap has widened in computer science and persists in engineering and physics fields.


By encouraging more young women to pursue S.T.E.M. subjects, the U.S. would start to reclaim it’s title as a leader in the sciences.

By creating welcoming and encouraging online communities we can curb some feelings of being “different” and “divergent”, and make women in S.T.E.M. the norm.

When young women become involved in S.T.E.M. subjects, they are more likely to stick with them into college. These subjects are important now more than ever to enter the workforce.

When you make these subjects fun and entertaining, children are more likely to stay interested later in life and far more likely to pursue a degree.

Extensive research shows that certain toys and games can help young children develop the spatial logic and other analytical skills critical to science, technology, engineering and math.

Young women want to make a difference, so let’s give them hands-on, real-world problem-solving activities to show STEM is relevant and fun.


Landing Page Version 1 – First high fidelity mock up

website mockupphone


Landing Page Version 2 – First high fidelity mock up. Made changes so the site would match the mood of the other branding items.

website mockupphone2


Secondary Page Version 1 – This page is when the user clicks on a movie and it displays the Synopsis,  show times, trailer and Cast and Crew.

website mockupphone4


Secondary Page Version 2 -Made changes so the secondary page would match the mood of the other branding items.

website mockupphone7


Secondary Page Version 3 – Made changes so the secondary page would match the mood of the other branding items.  Removed the pictures of the cast and added Director, Produced, Screenplay and Story. Also added a review section.

website mockupphone

E_Ticket – This is a rough mockup

Arklodge mobile screen

My original project was to create a live desktop version of the landing page and secondary page. But after some thought I am going create final mockups for the landing page and secondary page. I am going to focus on the mobile UX,  mobile visual design and mockups.


Solstice is a quest-based STEM game, designed for girls ages 10-14, that puts players in the role of a young heroine who must discover an ancient technology to protect her village from an advanced, outside force.

The game takes place in the distant future on a small, desolate yet familiar planet. Every 10 years on the winter solstice, the Others invade your village, capturing the elders, leaving only the youngest villagers behind to fend for themselves. This is the way it’s been for as long as anyone can remember and they’re coming back soon.

The story picks up as our heroine is out scavenging for food near the village one day. She’s about to leave the area without finding much, until she sees something sparkle in the rubble. She clears some of the rubble to find a strange device – it lights up and begins speaking as soon as she picks it up. The device tells our heroine that she has been chosen, like other girls across the world, to save not only her village but also the entire planet. The device guides the young girl to an ancient ship that players must fix through quests given by the ship’s computer.

STEM learning takes place via video instruction and is applied during a quest in a story-based, problem solving scenario. Most quests unlock technology that can be used to upgrade your village defenses, etc. The also game includes social aspects in which players can leave posts for other players and eventually trade technology with one another.


Screen 2




Screen 6


Screen 8



Screen 10


Screen 11

These next screens are the example  walk cycles of the Character




This is the story board for the video

Screen 12


The next steps are to create the the game play screens and finish up the animations and create the promo video.


Google home 3.0 concept

Introducing the next generation google home assistant

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-8-34-04-pm screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-8-33-39-pm
Improved human language interaction
Full home integration control (connecting with both home hardware & software)the first ever home assistant with a projection display
Upgraded push information command to all google devices


$1 billion usd worth of non-medical marijuana
have been sold in washington state since july 2014.
160+ shops are operating, which generate $1.4
millions usd per day.
all categories of marijuana law violations are
down 63% and marijuana-related convictions are
down 81%.
Authentication process
Civilian public safety
Energy consumption
Weather / drone safety
Government regulations
Bio-metric facial recognition with precise mapping to eliminate frauds
Semi-autonomous drone with avoidance collison and object Detection system
Real time gps tracker
Live weather prediction software
Water-proof system
Dual carbon for much longer flights.
Our app concept
clear, fast and easy to use

Sphere! Science Magazine


Sphere is a yearly magazine that brings the most up-to-date Astronomy, Physics and popular science articles to the masses. It makes the world of science accessible to everyone. We aim to deliver the latest in science with beautiful imagery, clear explanations of the latest discoveries and breakthroughs and great writing.

Sphere is a place for people who are naturally curious, love science, seek knowledge, and inspiration.


This is my cover. it highlights the Higgs Boson. Which is the biggest discovery of the year and maybe in the past 100 years thats why i felt it was appropriate for this magazine.


final-mag-pres4 final-mag-pres6

My moodboard full of huge images, rich color and large text.


final-mag-pres7 final-mag-pres9 final-mag-pres8

My featured article Is about the human race going to mars, with plans that are not fictional and could happen in the next 25 years.