Newly Edited Photos

We finally got around to editing the photos from the shoot with Olli. Editing was more challenging than anticipated because we were using a mix of warm and cool lighting. After watching some tutorials online, we learned some useful photo editing techniques which resulted in some great shots we can use in our portfolio. Check it out!









Business Cards

While the photos from our shoot are being edited, we thought we’d share with you some collateral we designed. Business card, coaster, menu, flight card and matches!collateralmockup

Almost Done

With work wrapping up on Pegasus Brewing, it’s time to document all the hard work we’ve done this past year. Being photography novices, we enrolled the help of fellow classmate Olli Tumelius. We scheduled two separate photo shoots, one for our pop up shop, and one for product shots. One of the goals for the shoot was to get some lifestyle photos to help bring the project to life. Stay tuned!

Completed Pop-Up Shop

We finally finished! After countless hours of hammering with pretty much no idea what we were doing, we ended up with a halfway decent pop-up shop. The structure itself is made from four panels that can be easily disassembled. This thing is gonna be a pain the ass to haul up five flights of stairs for the portfolio show, we are both praying that the panels fit in the elevator.




Pegasus Collateral

We finally got around to designing some collateral for the brewery! We decided to keep it clean and simple by using only black, white and green. We wanted the business card, beer menu, and flight card, to feel cohesive and easy to read.

Hand Painted Sign

What would a pop-up shop be without a hand painted sign? Rubbish. That’s why we spent the weekend painting one for Pegasus Brewing. Not much more to talk about, just some progress pics to look at:IMAG3949


IMAG3958 copy

DIY Shelving

Exhausted from staring at computer screens all week, we decided to make a trip to Home Depot and make ourselves some shelves for our pop-up shop. Shelves made from industrial piping is all the rage in the DIY community, and we couldn’t resist giving it a shot ourselves. We decided to wing it instead of finding an online tutorial. This ended up taking us longer than expected, but in the end, we were happy with the results. Check out the progress pics below:

IMAG3805 IMAG3806 IMAG3810


After designing our bottles, we decided to design them as cans as well. Cans seem to be the future in the beer industry. Overall, we thought the design translated well to the cans, but have yet to address the back of them. More to come soon. . .


Construction Continues . . .

Over the past few weeks we have been able to make some progress on the construction of our pop-up shop. Seeing as we only have a few months left, we started building the walls from all the reclaimed wood we collected over the summer. Our pop-up shop will be made in four wall sections that can be easily disassembled. Progress pics:




Pegasus Pale Ale

Finally, we have finished all four of our beer labels! We made small adjustments to the dimensions of all the labels to fit the shape of the bottle better. Additionally, we designed a simplified version of the logo to replace the hop icon. Based on previous feedback, the hop was creating a bit of confusion as to what was the actual logo of our company.Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 12.20.52 AM